Jazzy Gabert On Why She Left WWE, Starting A Promotion | Exclusive

The "Alpha Female" has something new that she wants to conquer

Less than two months after Jazzy Gabert parted ways with WWE, Fightful contributor Kristen Ashly spoke with Alpha Female on her decision to leave WWE, being pushed into her role as a trainer, touring with rockstars, and starting her own promotion.

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Gabert left her former pursuits in professional powerlifting, MMA, and bodybuilding to chase after her dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Since her debut almost 20 years ago, Gabert has stepped inside the rings of 68 different promotions located in 20 different countries. Best known for a powerhouse style, Gabert has wrestled for the likes of Impact Wrestling, Stardom, Westside Xtreme Wrestling, and of course, WWE.

After a year in WWE, Gabert realized NXT UK wasn't what she expected, and set her goal to wrestle on SmackDown or RAW, instead. The veteran asked to be promoted to the main rosters, which WWE denied. Instead of sticking it out on the black-and-gold brand, Gabert asked for her release.

"It was a decision that had many reasons," the Alpha Female stated. "It was not simple, not because of one thing that wasn't right, it was several issues that had to be solved, and I didn't see any other option than walking away from what I once wanted so badly."

Gabert continued, "It wasn't an easy decision, I had to think [a] long time about it. But after talking to the official and hearing that absolutely nothing would change if I let [them] renew my contract, it was just not worth it."

The Berlin-native has been open with press about her need to grow and move forward in her career, stating she isn't always happy in the independent scene. It's not her first time being open about questionable interactions with a promotion's staff, either. She once detailed an interaction she had with Bully Ray regarding her physical appearance that left her in tears.

Gabert still competes on the indie circuit, though, most notably for the all-women's UK promotion, Pro Wrestling: EVE. Gabert detailed why she loves working with EVE.

"I love EVE because they believe in me," Gabert said. "They gave me a chance when absolutely nobody gave me an opportunity to show who I am."

She added, "EVE is innovative and always a step ahead. They [are] so creative and so supportive to all of us female athletes. They don't accept boundaries or stereotypes. All females get a chance, no matter what! It's a girl gang. Eve is fun. Eve is crazy. Eve is the past, the now, and the future. Don't sleep on EVE."

With such a long career, The German native recalled some of her favorite moments from her journey.

"I will of course never forget my win over Nanae Takahashi, winning the Stardom Championship at Korakuen Hall, in Tokyo," Gabert shared. "Or when I won the Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship at BritWres-Fest in London. Or the crazy fans at the Mae Young Classics in Orlando who never stopped screaming my name. What an insane feeling!"

Gabert stepped into the role of trainer a few years ago, even though she wasn't in love with the idea.

"I actually never wanted to be a trainer, I personally don't think that's a good fitting role for me," she explained. "There are way more talented people out there. But one day, Mr. Al Snow opened up a school in the UK, and I called them up to ask how much it would be to actually train there. But they had other ideas and invited me to be a trainer. So, now I'm giving seminars from time-to-time, and I think the students kind of like it."

Despite leaving WWE, the powerhouse has been busier than ever. Gabert provided details on the new wrestling promotion she has founded.

"It's called SIRIUS Sports Entertainment, my first show will be on April 19, and it's going to be a bit different from what the fans [are] used to." 

Gabert detailed how the new promotion's set up will be more dramatic, adding, "I'm [setting up in] a theatre, the ring will be up the stage. There will be a group of dancers who upgrade the whole wrestling experience. There is a singer and the entrances going to be extra special. I have the best athletes from all over Europe. I'm very excited to show the world my personal idea of a wrestling show."

The German native explained where the idea for the new promotion came from. "I always had the idea, and the local people asked me all the time when there is a show around so they can watch me. So, after my contract expired in January, and I'm not on tour [until] May, I thought I have some time to actually do it. So now I'm doing it."

As if still wrestling at shows and starting a promotion wasn't enough on her plate, Gabert has made sure 2020 is her busiest year, yet.

"April 19: SIRIUS Sports Entertainment. Before that, I have few shows in Germany, one in Holland, and from May until July, I'm going on tour with a rock star. We have about 30 shows around Europe in front of 15,000 people. It's insane. And after that, I have this huge TV project in Germany where we will get the German main stream audience back into wrestling," detailed Gabert. 

It's not all about work for the veteran, though. "Somewhere in between I want to visit my family in Japan and train for a marathon that I want to do in November in Las Vegas. As you see, it's not getting boring over here!"

You can follow Gabert on Twitter at this link. 

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