Jeff Jarrett Says Monty Brown Was A Unique Talent, Believes The Sky Was The Limit For Him

With a little more seasoning, Jeff Jarrett believes the sky was the limit for Monty Brown.

Speaking with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp (full interview above), Jeff Jarrett spoke about the former NFL player turned wrestler and how he really liked Monty both personally and professionally. Jarrett said the following:

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"You know, Monty is one of my—in a lot of ways—what-if stories. Because he really was on a role. I personally really like Monty. But, from a professional point of view, the guy could just flat out talk. He had charisma and that finishing move, the Pounce, that was so easy to like, so to speak. It was so very natural. You didn’t have to think like, ‘How did that guy do that? How does that guy fall?’ It was real simple. He’s a football player. He knew how to take your head off and he did it in the ring."

Brown's football career concluded in 1996 and it was six years later that he began making appearances for TNA Wrestling. He would have a more sustained run with the promotion from 2006-2006 before signing with WWE and being assigned to their ECW brand. He wrestled his final match on June 19, 2007, against CM Punk and hasn't returned to the ring ever since.

According to Jarrett, with a couple more years of experience, and the benefit of the business evolving, Brown had the potential to be a special talent in the wrestling business. Here is what he said:

"But, Monty’s charisma, he’s something that had he had another year or two, I don’t want to put a timeframe on it, but a little bit more seasoning, I truly believe when he arrived at the WWE the playing field would have been different. I think I could say that about AJ Styles, completely respectful. Monty was a unique talent. The sky was the limit for the guy, without question. His former coaches talk glowingly about the kind of human being he was. Monty’s been a long-time personal favorite of mine and had a lot of fun. We had a couple of good television matches that did a number. So, I like Monty."

During their time together in TNA, Jarrett and Brown were often aligned with the longtime linebacker being one of the members of Planet Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett's new podcast, My World, recently debuted its first episodes. They can be found here.

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