Joey Janela: My Skin Is Thicker Than A Grease Brick From The 1600's, I Will Keep Bickering With Fans

Joey Janela isn't gonna stop bickering with internet nobodies.

When it comes to controversial wrestlers on the internet, former AEW star Joey Janela is at the top of the list, but he doesn't mind. In a recent interview with Fightful, Janela talked about his antics on the internet and noted that he doesn't plan on letting up anytime soon.

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"That I’m not gonna stop talking shit on the internet. I’m not gonna stop bickering with fans with three followers. I’m not gonna change my style.I’m not gonna change. No one’s gonna change me. I will bicker with you on the internet. So if you want to come at me, I’ll come at you. It’s entertaining to me. I don’t have thin skin. My skin is thicker than grease brick from the 1600s. But I just like it, it’s entertaining to me. It’s entertaining to a lot of other people, too."

When you think of the internet, Virgil instantly comes to mind due to his notoriety that he has gained through various memes and interviews. In the interview, Janela joked that Virgil has a bigger merchandise line than him these days.

"I feel like Virgil right now. There’s nothing here. I think Virgil has a bigger line than me these days. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, he’s probably trying to swindle them for their money. Three dollars? Not even, fifty cents. But he’s Virgil, man. He’s a legend, you know? He’s been hangin’ and bangin’, doing these signings at conventions, signing in subway stations. Virgil is a hustler."

Virgil has drawn hundreds of millions of clicks for Fightful, so we tried to get a click-based headline out of Janela. This idea did not work, unfortunately.

"Fuck. What should I say? Let me think. Give me a second. I could say something pretty
controversial. Eh, never mind."

Elsewhere in the interview, Janela revealed who the worst person he's ever worked with is. Click here to learn more.

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