Kenny Omega Says He Went Against The Grain To Remain A Junior Heavyweight In NJPW

Kenny Omega has experienced a physical transformation over the past five years.

At the end of 2015, Omega was a junior heavyweight in New Japan Pro Wrestling, before moving up and sending his career into a different stratosphere. In announcing his new deal with REDCON1 supplements, Omega discussed the lifestyle changes he experienced in making such a significant change personally and professionally.

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"Aside from being able to push your own limits, in the gym or otherwise, in whatever training you're doing, supplementing comes into play for me as I get older where it helps you deal with injuries and the rough travel. When you're on a bus for seven or nine hours or on a plane and going from plane to plane and you don't have time to sit down and eat, these are where these things come into play, making sure you're getting your calories and vitamin profile. When you talk about the AJ Styles turn, I felt that I was going against the grain to stay lighter to stick with the Juniors. By that same token, I was doing the rough schedule with New Japan without having any sort of help. If I was really hungry, I would wait until we got to the next rest stop, where you have fried foods, curry, and that's it. It's tasty, but if you're waiting five hours for the next stop and that's what you ingest, it's not necessarily going to reflect in your physique or your performance. To be able to carry a product on me and make sure what goes in me is of the highest caliber, that allows you to stay in better shape and have more energy. It's a different lifestyle than being in Japan, doing what I do now, but the hours are even more odd. I have to do a lot of business overseas and here. I have to adjust my schedule around what is twelve hours different than what I'm living right now. Late nights, early mornings. Supplementing in that regard helps a lot. If I play games, I light to play competitive games; first-person shooters and fighting games. You need to be ready. Even being slowed by a couple frames of animation could be the difference between winning and losing. I like to do everything at the highest level. Even supplementing (with gaming) really helps because it keeps me alert and focused. We have products for that as well. Whether it be me manning the calls at a computer at 7 or 8 am, when I'm going to bed at 5 or 6, I'm able to stay alert and put my best foot forward. I'm not a zombie in those cases. When I have to do things in the ring and it's a quick segue from doing that to tossing on a pair of tights and doing what I do in the ring, that's where supplementing comes in as well. We have supplements for hydration, for energy, for mental alertness, there's something for every situation. The product line keeps expanding. Every time I talk to these guys, they're working on something new, something groundbreaking, and it's cool to be on the cutting edge of it and be a part of it all," Omega told Fightful.

We were sent along the following to gain some more information on Omega's REDCON1 supplement line:

REDCON1 is not just a prominent name among bodybuilders, but also pro-wrestlers and fans. In the past year, Singerman noticed many of the REDCON1’s consumers were also fans of professional wrestling or the wrestlers themselves. Last year, he started searching for a partner in the wrestling community, and discovered Kenny Omega, who Sports Illustrated named both wrestler of the year in 2017 and top male wrestler in 2018 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020. Omega is not only an elite athlete spanning a 20 year career as a global wrestling superstar, but also a like-minded businessman. In addition to being an owner, executive and wrestler for AEW, Omega is lead on creative for the new AEW Games a separate organization that is launching a Next Gen console game and two mobile games.

After using Redcon1 products for over a year, Singerman decided to bring Omega, dubbed “the best in-ring performer alive” to the team. Omega will work with REDCON1 to develop a line of his favorite products and apparel. This not only marks history for REDCON1, but also for the professional wrestling industry, as Omega is the first wrestler to be directly involved in a sports supplement brand developing products.

You can see our full interview with Kenny Omega at the top of the page. You can learn more about his REDCON1 Products at their official website and at this link. Omega is set to compete for the AEW World Championship at December 2's AEW Dynamite on TNT.

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