Kerry Morton Reflects On Wrestling Legends Like Barbarian And Discusses Continuing The Morton Legacy

Kerry Morton reflects on the great opportunities afforded to him in his young career.

Kerry Morton, the son of Ricky Morton, is enjoying the opportunity to team with his father in the modern-day NWA. In a new interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Kerry confirms that he is on a pay-per-appearance deal and has the opportunity to work whatever other events come his way, including in his career as an NCAA wrestler.

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Oh, man. It has been so exciting," Kerry began. "The nice thing is I’m not actually on an exclusive contract with NWA. I’m just on as a pay-per-appearance contract which is great. Billy is very supportive of that, too, because I’m an NCAA collegiate athlete can now get paid, which is wonderful for us athletes, being a broke college student. It’s great. I love the NWA. I’m thrilled to be there. I’m kind of continuing the legacy of where my dad got his start and my grandfather hit his groove in the professional wrestling industry, too. It’s a circle of life and it’s cool. I love the product in the NWA. I love what we stand for. Wrestling the way it should be is a big moniker that Billy always pounds in people. ‘Guys, be genuine and go out there and put on a show. Give the fans their money’s worth.’"

Kerry Morton has had many opportunities in his young career to wrestle veterans such as the Barbarian and Wildfire Tommy Rich. One of the great compliments given to the young Morton is when veterans allow him to call the matches and when they say that working with him is like “a night off.”

"One of the best compliments I think I’ve received so far in this career and I received this from the SATs and also Shane Douglas and a couple of other veterans—George South, the Barbarian, Tommy Rich. What’s so humbling is Barb knows my father. Barb is the veteran. You let him call the spots. Same with George South. When you get in the ring, you don’t talk. You just listen. You just listen to them. I think one of the coolest moments that I realized that I’m doing something right in this business is when I stepped in the ring with the Barbarian and we’re about five minutes in, I’m just selling my ass off for him, and he’s beating up on me and the crowd’s going wild, we’re in the south. Wrestling is a little bit different here. He looks at me and goes, ‘You’re a night off, kid. Thank you so much.’ He calls me Moto, which is my nickname. He said in his heavy accent, ‘You’re a night off, Moto. You’re a night off.’ It was the best compliment ever," Kerry recalled. "George South, I’m in the ring with him and Shane Douglas for instance, too, and they’re allowing me to call the spots. Wow. It’s a crazy moment to think. These guys are wanting me to call the spots for them to do in the ring, in the midst of the moment. ‘Hey, you do this now. What do you want to do?’ Holy shit, this is awesome. When you get to the back and your emotions and the adrenalin run down, you’re like, ‘Wow, they just allowed me to call spots to them in the ring and did the spots and they loved it.’ It’s a pat on the back sometimes, ‘Hey, you know what? You’re doing something right.’

Kerry Morton will be in action at the NWA Alwayz Ready on June 11, competing alongside his dad in three-way tag action against The Fixers, Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky, as well as AJ Cazana, who will team with a mystery partner. Fans can order the event on FITE.

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