Kid Lykos Discusses Stepping Into The Shoes Of A Singles Star, Believes He's Always Been In Them

Kid Lykos discusses his transition from a tag team wrestler to a singles star in Progress.

While Lykos is currently the Progress World Champion, he is a largely accomplished tag team wrestler on the British Wrestling scene as part of Lykos Gym with Kid Lykos II. The two men have had quite a few tag team title reigns across the UK scene.

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While speaking to Fightful's Corey Brennan in a recent interview, Kid Lykos noted that he believes he's always been wearing the shoes of a singles star, but people were not looking at what he was wearing.

"I mean I thought I was wearing those shoes already, but people just weren't looking at my feet. That's the way I would word it because I've known what I can do, but i think teaming with Chris for so long and then immediately when I returned from injury teaming with Lykos II people associate you as a tag team wrestler and that is like it's the act of getting typecast as a certain role which is fine because I love tag wrestling, I think it's the sickest style of wrestling you can have and so many moving parts but I know what I'm capable of I know I can tell great stories, I know I'm going to deliver for people if they give me the chance and this was one of the first places to give the chance like I was put into Super Strong Style, I succeeded there, and I kept succeeding, moving on and moving on, and I hope that continues. I like mixing up the bookings I'm doing, I like doing singles, I like doing tags, but I'm glad people are starting to notice the footwear, as it were."

Lykos is currently scheduled to defend the Progress World Championship at Progress Super Strong Style 16 this weekend when he faces off with Mark Haskins.

Elsewhere in his interview with Fightful, Lykos stated his belief that Haskins likes to revise history. You can read more about that here.

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