Kid Lykos: I Think Mark Haskins Likes To Revise History Sometimes When It Suits Him

Kid Lykos believes Mark Haskins likes to revise history.

At Super Strong Style 16 weekend 2023, Mark Haskins and Kid Lykos met in the finals of the tournament, with Nigel McGuinness serving as the special guest referee. Lykos would end up coming away with the victory in the matchup, with Haskins disputing the legitimacy of the victory due to McGuinness' involvement.

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Haskins and Lykos are set to rematch during Super Strong Style 16 2024 weekend for the Progress World Title, and during an interview with Fightful's Corey Brennan, Lykos stated his belief that Haskins likes to revise history when it suits him.

"I think Mark likes to revise history sometimes when it suits him. I think, sure, the Nigel set-up is a key point, but he revises the fact that Nigel wouldn't have even been involved had he not started coming for Nigel. If you listen to the commentary on all matches throughout the tournament, McGuinness actually is kind of... kind of rude about me. He doesn't like me. He doesn't like what I do. He thinks I'm going to backstab still. He's really not a fan of me throughout that whole tournament. Then it's Mark's own fault because it was straight down the middle. Arguably, it could have been in Mark's favor because McGuinness likes Mark Haskins and they've been on shows for years prior. So Mark ruined his own match there. Moving forward to defending against him, I just think, could we see a repeat? Well, that's what I'm aiming for. If he thinks that the only reason I won was because of McGuinness, cool. I'll prove him wrong on Sunday."

Elsewhere in Lykos' interview with Fightful, he spoke about how he is feeling six months on from losing his mask. You can read more about that here.

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