Kid Lykos: Michael Oku Says He's The Best Wrestler In Britain, I Disagree

Kid Lykos expresses his surprise that he and Michael Oku have not wrestled each other one on one.

Amongst the top promotions in the UK, the world champions range from Michael Oku, to Kid Lykos, to Tate Mayfairs and others amongst the top promotions in Britain. Lykos currently holds the Progress World Championship and while Michael Oku is currently the Undisputed British Heavyweight champion, Lykos believes that Michael is not the best Britain has to offer.

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While speaking to Fightful's Corey Brennan in a recent interview, Kid Lykos addressed the fact he hasn't faced off with Michael Oku one on one previously, and hopes it can happen soon.

"Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I think it's quite mad that I've not ever wrestled Mike in a singles match anywhere. So I don't know why that's never come up as an option. Obviously, being the two champions of the two companies is a pretty hard thing to get us in the same ring and who's going to do it first or whatever. I think Mike's great. I think he has really carried the flag for RevPro when Will has been having his amazing last bit of his run in Japan and then moving on to AEW. Mike has taken the reins. But I think it's a fun one to look forward to as a match and one I have a vested interest in because I like the challenge. If he's going to call himself the best in Britain, I mean, he calls himself the best in Europe and this and that, but if he wants to call himself the best in Britain, then okay. Again, that's just another challenge for me to say, okay, I disagree. Let's go. We'll go from there. But yeah, me and Mike has never happened. It will happen one day and I'm very interested to see when and where it happens."

Lykos is currently set to defend the Progress World Title against Mark Haskins this weekend in a rematch of the 2023 Super Strong Style 16 finals.

To check out the rest of Lykos' interview with Fightful, you can find it above.

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