Kid Lykos Says He Wants To Return To Japan And Improve His Standing In RevPro This Year

Kid Lykos names his goals for the second half of 2024.

Lykos has had a busy first half of 2024, winning the Progress World Title for the first time and successfully defending it on multiple occasions while also wrestling in other promotions across the UK.

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While speaking to Fightful's Corey Brennan in a recent interview, Lykos was asked about what his goals for the second half of 2024 are.

"As cringe as it is, my lock screen since like February time has been just list of things i want to achieve. Because I want to move forward and progress with this. One of those things is I want to go back to Japan. My last time I was there, I learned so much in such a short space of time. I think i have something I can offer there. I think I can learn and progress at a good standard there. I obviously want to, like I said to you earlier, I want to achieve the next level of what this is. I think it's finding in my way there. There's a lot of goals. As far as immediate goals for the current situation, I think it's to keep this progress title and keep having great matches and keeping the audience enthused. It would be to progress with my standing in RevPro. I want to prove that I can be one of the guys there as well. Be that in Tag Division, be that if the Cruiserweights need someone to wrestle, be that whatever. Be that if Michael needs a challenger, I will be there. Then all around, there's goals to be found everywhere, but not necessarily ones that I'm thinking about at current. I just had an opportunity to attack pro wrestling title and didn't succeed. But being a tag pro wrestling champion would be a very full circle and an important moment for me. So there's something there. If Attackdecides to reinstate tag titles or whatever, regaining that would be important to me because that was the belt that me and Chris kind of made in that company. So that would be an interest. There's loads of goals to be had in the immediate vicinity. There's loads of goals for the future. But for this year, returning to Japan and keeping this progress title are two very important things to me."

Elsewhere in Lykos' interview with Fightful, he reflected on losing his mask six months on and what parts of wrestling under a mask he misses. You can read more about that here.

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