Kyle O'Reilly Would Be Interested In Competing At A Bloodsport Event, 'I Love That Style'

Kyle O'Reilly in Bloodsport... Book it!

O'Reilly is known for having a signature style that combines striking, submissions, and mat work. Over the years, many fans have been hoping for O'Reilly to compete at a Bloodsport event, as his style would mix well with the type of matches that the promotion puts on.

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While speaking to Fightful for a new interview, Kyle O'Reilly was asked if he was interested in competing at a Bloodsport event.

"Sure, always. I think Bloodsport is awesome. I love that style. I love shoot style wrestling. I’ve never actually done a full on event like that, but I think it would be fun."

O'Reilly was then asked about potentially doing a MMA fight or learning that style to help with his in-ring ability.

"Definitely (the latter). That’s the reason I started to train in the first place. Wrestling was my first love. Fighting hadn’t really broke yet, it wasn’t that popular when I was just starting to train. It was more of a supplement for my wrestling skills. I liked that style of wrestling and I would do those things like an armbar and kicks my first few years. Looking back, it was not good. I didn’t actually apply the actual technique to it and actually get in the gym and get beaten up and put that ego aside. That’s what’s hard to do for wrestlers a lot when you’re used to work. To go into a gym and just be at the mercy of dudes and get your ass kicked, it sucks for awhile. Then, things get fun once you get good at them. I have decent technique now, and it translated to wrestling really well for me. That’s the lane I’ve picked and try to stay in."

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Furthermore, check out Fightful's full interview with Kyle O'Reilly in the video linked above.

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