Lady Frost Confirms Interest From Multiple Companies

Lady Frost reflects on her time as a much-desired free agent.

Despite being told she was too old for WWE during a tryout with the sports entertainment juggernaut, Lady Frost was a much sought-after performer by many other promotions in the world of wrestling including Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, The National Wrestling Alliance, and IMPACT Wrestling.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Lady Frost reflected on how she received so many different opportunities with different emotions, Frost recalls she and her husband uprooting their lives to train at the Ring of Honor dojo in Maryland.

“I had the match with Jenny Rose here in Pittsburgh and they invited myself and my husband down to the Ring of Honor Dojo in Maryland. So we quit our jobs, I had just started a fitness company. My husband was vested in his pension for ten years at his county job and we sold our house and we moved to Maryland to go to the Ring of Honor Dojo. My husband just went through neck surgery, also. He had a broken neck. So we were still recovering from that. It was a wild time.

“We spent about six to eight months at the Ring of Honor Dojo and he was still recovering but he was pretty much good to go after the first month we were there. I think I had two dark matches in the six or eight months I was there. I probably definitely wasn’t ready, but that’s why you’re at a dojo, to get prepped. I don’t think it was a good fit and we got a call from CHIKARA, who was under some umbrella contract with WWE. So he asked us to move to Philadelphia. We were like, ‘Hey, maybe we do this character change and we have this deal with WWE and that’s back on the table.’”

Speaking about her time training with Mike Quackenbush, Frost credited him for his wealth of knowledge and recalled the early days of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions beginning while they were in Philadelphia.

“We were already driving two and a half hours each way to go see Mike Quackenbush as a trainer because he was insanely gifted. His wealth of knowledge is insane and I know that’s a sketchy topic right now. I hope I don’t get canceled. But I’m allowed to say he’s the best trainer ever. So we moved to Philly and then we’re like two completely different characters—I don’t think a lot of people know that—and then the world shut down while we’re in Philly. “

Reflecting on receiving a contract offer from the National Wrestling Alliance, Frost says that she enjoyed her time with the NWA, saying that she felt like it was the first time she was on a stage greater than the independent circuit. Ultimately, she says the Billy Corgan-led promotion has been very good to her.

I don’t know if it’s a secret. I was offered a deal there. I very, very much enjoyed NWA. The locker room was great. It was the first time I felt like I was on a bigger stage doing something a step above the indies. I really enjoyed it, honestly. I think I’m playing the waiting game a little bit. Some other things were in the works. But, yeah. They’ve been good to me. They have.

Overall, lady Frost says it was refreshing for her and her career to receive so many different looks and contract offers as she was entering a point in her career where she felt like giving up.

“Absolutely. I think it was really disheartening in the beginning and I told you, we had such a bad time I was almost ready to be done. I was ready to be home in Pittsburgh with our friends and family and new dogs and house and do normal married life. I was like, ‘Is this what people do? They come home and watch Netflix and cook each other dinner?’ I was like, ‘Maybe we could do normal life.’ Things obviously went in a different direction, thank goodness. It does feel good to have people now interested when I thought hope was lost.”

Fightful was able to confirm shortly after this that Frost had signed a multi-year deal with IMPACT Wrestling, taking her to the end of 2024.

Taeler Hendrix has taken a more in-depth look at Lady Frost in a Fightful exclusive article that you can read at this link.

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