Lady Frost Is Loving Her Time At IMPACT Wrestling

Lady Frost is loving her time at IMPACT Wrestling.

Lady Frost is one of the top free agents in wrestling today concurrently, she is competing in IMPACT Wrestling. In addition to having an offer on the table from the NWA, Lady Frost also has an offer from IMPACT, as it was first reported on Fightful Select. After our interview was filmed, we also confirmed she'd signed.

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In an exclusive interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Frost reflects on enjoying her time in IMPACT and how validating it is for her to be in a promotion that appreciates her gimmick and what she brings to the table.

“I absolutely also love IMPACT. It was incredible from the first day I walked in. The fans, I think, are the best part. They really, really have pulled for me. Since the first time they saw, they went crazy. Which is incredible. It feels so good to be appreciated for who you are. There was no gimmick change. There was talks about roles for the undead brides and stuff. I’m willing to do anything to be somewhere where I want to be if I’m going to be appreciated and everything makes sense. But coming in as Lady Frost, being Lady Frost and the fans taking to that is really, really special. I think that’s important we do this for the right audience. There are probably some shows I don’t belong on with a proper gimmick. I can’t be on certain shows. But the fact that they enjoyed me and IMPACT kept bringing me back is incredible.”

Additionally, she credits Rachael Ellering for openly pushing for the company to sign Frost after they had a match together at Knockouts Knockdown.

“The pay-per-view, I think, really was the big determining factor because I did have a lot of time in that singles match. I absolutely have to say that I adore Rachael Ellering. She is incredible. I feel like we had a great match, but this little turd put me on the spot right in front of Scott. We’re sitting there watching the monitors and Scott sits down and Rachael’s like, ‘Hey, Scott. When am I gonna get a rematch against Lady Frost? You gonna sign her? You gonna sign Lady Frost so we can have a rematch?’ I sunk into my chair. I was like, ‘No, she didn’t!’ I was like, ‘Scott, I did not ask her to say that. I swear to you. I did not set that up.’ But it was awesome that she was willing to go to bat and say nice things. That was a cool moment.”

All in all, her time at IMPACT has been extremely validating. This positivity boost comes following WWE telling her that she was “too old for them.” Learn more about that here.

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