Lio Rush Remembers Vince McMahon Pitching Ass Posing Angle With Lashley, Elias Busting His Ass With Guitar

If you watched a Fightful Podcast in 2019, you probably know that we wanted Elias to break a guitar over Bobby Lashley's ass.

It was supposed to.

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Lashley was deep into an ass-posing gimmick, with Lio Rush by his side. Lio, when speaking to Fightful remembers the plan.

"Oh, it was gonna happen, I remember that. Yeah, it was gonna happen one time. I mean, I think it was during a time where, I think, a couple of people actually got hurt with the guitar. So, I think that was scrapped. I think the only other time within that time period when people were getting hurt for real with the guitar was when I got hit with the guitar on the ramp. But, I had some crazy tactical vest on under my suit, so it didn’t puncture me from the wood or anything like that. But, there was a time where he was gonna get hit in the ass with the guitar," Lio said.

Who pitches such a thing? Paul Heyman? Triple H?

"No, it’s Vince," Lio clarified. "Just because the pairing with me and Bobby, it was his idea. It was literally his project. It his little baby. It was his vision. But, to answer your question, on if I talked to Vince. Every week. Every single week I was in Vince’s office, listening to what he wanted for that week with me and Bobby. Which is crazy because I’ve heard people have been in the company for a year, two years, and they’ve never had a meeting with Vince. I was in his office every week, which was insane."

If you thought that Vince McMahon pitching the idea of Elias busting Lashley's ass with a guitar is surprising, it's not. McMahon is known for eccentric ideas, and has a reputation as such. However, Lio says that living it is a different thing altogether.

"I would listen to podcasts all the time and hear these crazy stories about Vince and some of the stuff that he comes up with. It just sounded like a comic book or something. But, actually experiencing it live. Like, I’ll never forget when he explained the whole he wanted Bobby to start bending over and me pointing at his ass. Like, he reenacted it. He showed us what he wanted and it was so crazy," Lio said.

Lio also opened up about his future, his music career, and much more in the exclusive interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp which you can view above. We'll have much more from this interview over the next couple of weeks. Make sure to check out Lio's music and other upcoming projects at his website.

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