Luke Hawx Talks WWE Performance Center Coaching Experience, Why He Hasn't Signed

Luke Hawx is on great terms with WWE, but don't expect to see him sign there anytime soon.

The ring veteran and owner of Wildkat Sports was recently invited by WWE to guest coach at their Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. In an exclusive interview with, Hawx opened up about his experience there.

"They've got several classes and phenomenal trainers there like Robbie Brookside, Steve Corino, Sara Del Rey. Each class in a different level. Some guys in a tag team, some guys just doing moves, then they have a beginner's class. Basically what I would do is float around and do a different class every day. I would assist, or perhaps give my own version of things, then in the afternoon I would teach my class, and whoever would want to come to my class would come in the afternoon," said Hawx.

Hawx has had a good relationship with WWE for 15 years, dating back to his first match with the company. I mentioned to him that early on he was often pitted against some of the biggest physical forces WWE could find, which Hawx remembered fondly.

"I never even thought of that. I guess that comes from me training with a big guy (Vic Grimes), so I work well with big guys," said Hawx.

Luke also had a brief set of experiences with Ring of Honor years ago when he worked Jay Lethal and Tommaso Ciampa respectively in late 2013, before coming back WrestleMania weekend and winning a couple of matches. For some reason, there was no follow up between the two sides.

"I never really chased it. I've had some offers from WWE, but to be honest, at this point of my career it's hard to make a move. I can't give up everything I'm doing. I've worked seven years building my own company. We have TV, and we have our own stars. My goal was to build up the southern territory and take it around, and that's what I'm doing. The offer would have to be stupid lucrative, and nobody's going to offer me into the millions. I do extremely well on my own, I've been in over 80 films and TV shows. I can't give up my wrestling and film life to be under somebody else's wing," said Hawx.

You can see Luke Hawk's Wildkat Sports show at WrestleCon on April 5. You can find ticketing information at this link, and the show will feature the likes of Jeff Cobb, Steven Richards, Hardcore Holly, Billu Gunn, Damian 666 and more.

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