MxM (Mace And Mansoor) Detail Booking Their Own Angle In Uganda's SGW

Mace and Mansoor detail traveling to Uganda for a surprise appearance in SGW.

Mace and Monsoor recently visited Softground Wrestling, the professional wrestling promotion out of Uganda that has gone viral in recent months. The former WWE Superstars came to SGW to help the roster overcome the rule of Lord White's colonial supremacy once and for all.

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Now the former WWE Superstars are talking to Sean Ross Sapp about their experience going to Uganda and the passion of the SGW roster that radiates through their videos.

Mace and Mansoor spoke all about booking their own angle once they got to the village where the matches for SGW are filmed, revealing that, much like their roles in WWE, they wanted to help put over young talents on the rise in this one-of-a-kind promotion.

Mansoor: "What did we do when we went to Mukono, Uganda? We went into the office of Daniel Bumbash and we pitched him an angle. We said, 'We need the top heel of this promotion, we need Lord White to be putting the beat down on a young rising star that you want to make because the number one priority for our trip to Softground Wrestling was to put over Cool Man. We wanted Cool Man to look like a star. So what did we do? We slotted him into this mystery angle, 'Who pissed on Lord White's grave?' As everybody knows, Lord White was brutally killed by a one-man army. Like a dog in the desert, he was put down but rose from the grave after a cascade of urine fell upon his grave."

Mace: "But nobody knew who pissed? The pisser was unknown

Mansoor: It actually was shoot Cool Man who pissed on his grave, wasn't it?"

Mace: "Well they had him in the video but they hadn't decided who was going to be the pisser. Much like Vince McMahon and Retribution, they didn't know where they were going with this angle. So on that day, we decided, 'Let's put over Cool Man.' We're going to give Lord White a new stable, we're going to get a couple of young, unused talents, and we're going to make them The White Boys we're going to make them look really strong."

Mansoor: "It was actually really exciting because Bumbash, the founder, who is also basically the booker, we're like, 'Who can we get to be The White Boys?' He was like, 'Well I think it should be talent who haven't debuted yet,' and just looked around the room and he went, 'You, you, and you.'"

Mace: "It reminded us a lot of how we became the Maximum Male Models."

Mansoor: "I think they just saw us and they go, 'They're not hideous. I guess that works.'"

Mace: "'Good enough.'"

Mansoor: "So, these three boys, I think they're like 17."

Mace: "They're much younger than you would think. So what's actually really cool about the place where they do this is it is a place where a lot of them do sleep, which is why we're very passionate about trying to give them some funds so that they can get some beds because they sleep on the ground in this small building. The kids, basically it's almost like a community center where they can come and they can get a hot meal, we shared porridge with them. They just lift various weights."

Mansoor: "They're just hanging out outside while we are booking this angle, I look out the window and it's just like 100 orphans pumping fucking iron."

Mace: "Pumping iron and calling spots."

Mansoor: "I will say, not to expose the business, but it was a little like [WWE] TV because we did run rehearsals earlier in the day."

Mace: "They also have this culture of, 'Do everything for real.' Mansoor's like, I'll drop give you an Atomic [Drop] into a Spinebuster and every time we walked through it, one of them would just throw themselves into the ground."

Mansoor: " literally caught him and prevented him from bumping and I was like, 'You don't have to do this. Save yourself. You're young. You still have your body.'"

Now, the former Maximum Male Models want to help the young stars of SGW with funding with the hopes of getting orphans that are wrestling beds to sleep on, hopeful funding to get them a bus so they can travel around to different villages, and there's also a help that they can raise enough funding to help the kids by the land which they wrestle on as the landlord currently wants to turn it into a sugarcane farm.

MxM are currently raising funds for the promotion with a special t-shirt. MxM will also be hosting a special Twitch "Achieve The Dream" stream on Monday, May 6 beginning at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time over on Mace's Twitch account.

Fans can check out the full interview with MxM embedded above.

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