Mance Warner: I Don’t Give A Damn About A Flip, An Armbar, Or Anything Else. I’m Here To Fight

Mance Warner speaks to Sean Ross Sapp about his mindset when he's competing in the squared circle.

Plain and simple, Ol' Mancer not going to do a lot of flipping around and he may not be the most proficient technical wrestler in the game today, but he can beat you until you say I quit.

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During a recent interview with Fightful, Warner explained to Sean Ross Sapp what his mindset is when he's competing in the ring and he doesn't give a damn about making fans chant "This is awesome." Instead, he wants them to understand that this is real.

"Here's the deal. I'm not going out there to do armbars and moves. I'm going into a different zone and when I step through that curtain, I want them fans to take a swing. I want them in a parking lot, trying to stab me. I'm taking them in a different journey than what they're getting throughout every other day of show. When I come out, this is real and you can feel it and that's what it is, baby. Old school wrestling. I don't give a damn about a flip, an armbar, anything else. I'm here to fight and you will remember what I did on that night until the next time you see me. Then at that show, you're gonna be telling your buddies about the last five times you saw me go out there and be a crazy son bitch. That's what I do. I love it. I'm good at it."

Elsewhere in this interview, Warner spoke about capturing the GCW World Championship. Read his comments here.

Check out the full interview with Mance Warner in the video embedded above.

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