Mance Warner: Matt Cardona Is The Best GM GCW Has Ever Had

Mance Warner thinks Matt Cardona is doing a hell of a job as the GCW GM and has a message for Blake Christian.

Mance Warner was able to capture the GCW World Title on a chaotic night for the belt which saw it change hands on multiple occasions. Thanks to some help from Matt Cardona and Cardona's crew of Broski Jimmy Lloyd and Steph De Lander, who also happens to be Warner's girlfriend, Ol' Mancer reached the mountaintop.

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Speaking in a recent interview with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, Warner praised Cardona's aptitude as the General Manager of GCW, calling him the best that the promotion has ever had.

"Oh, amazing. The best GM we've ever had, man. He's sitting out there. He's got the rules. Now, I don't got no rules. I do what I want. Matt understands that and he appreciates that," said Mancer.

Warner also had a message for those complaining about Blake Christian being stripped of the title by Cardona for his inability to defend the championship at GCW Cage of Survival due to his commitments in Japan.

Warner says it doesn't matter because Christian's run as champion wasn't even a memorable one.

"I saw everyone on the internet bitching and moaning, ‘Cardona stripped him. He got ripped off,’ and I see people say he defended it 35, 40 times. I don't know. Then I asked the fans to name five fucking matches where he defended it and they can't remember cause it don't mean shit. So like I said, I'm going to take this title and make it mean something again, the way it used to. Love me or hate me, this fucking gold right here, this title, the GCW World Heavyweight title means something cause old Mancer has it. You can throw that on the internet."

Furthermore, Warner says that if Christian wants an opportunity, he's going to have to get in line.

"Get in line motherfucker. You went and did a tournament where you're flipping or flopping and I'm out here. I got the gold. I'm the man. The buy rates are going up. Ticket sales are going up. My merch is selling like hotcakes. I don't give a damn about none of them. Get in line. I will carve you up. I don't care no more. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make money, beat the hell out of people, and I got the only friends that I need. Steph, Matt, the GM and Jimmy. Jimmy's all right in my book."

Clearly, part of Mance Warner's mission as the GCW Champion is to restore importance to the championship. Read his comments on that matter here.

Check out the full interview with Mancer in the video embedded above.

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