Mance Warner Plans On Making The GCW World Title Mean Something Again, 'Be Pissed Off. I Don't Give A Damn'

Ol' Mancer talks to Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp about winning the GCW World Title.

An absolutely hectic ending to GCW Cage of Survival resulted in Mance Warner defeating Joey Janela to capture his first GCW World Title. On a night when the championship bounced from Charles Mason, Nick Gage, and Joey Janela before finally ending up in the hands of Warner. Now, Mancer explains what was going through his mind at that moment and how he intends to see his championship run play out.

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Be pissed off. Mancer doesn't care.

"Be pissed off. I don't give a damn. I hit the pay window. I saved the company. We know who had the title before," he said. "Look at it, I get the gold. I'm a smart man. I knew I could cash in. I eliminated EFFY back in the Rumble deal and then any point, any time that I want, I could cash in. I just got done bleeding out, laying backstage, had glass in my eye, had to pour all that bullshit in there to get it out. I'm bleeding out, I'm beat up, and then I'm watching people try to cash in and I'm watching people go through the gauntlet, and I know.

"They're all losing their mind and they're all thinking, ‘This is my moment.’ I saw Cole run through the curtain and he's almost crying. He's holding his little golden circle, his coin, and he's sitting there and he's going, ‘I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it.’ Then Steph spears his ass through a door like a linebacker and I see Joey posing to the camera. It's easy, man. I plan this shit out and I wait for my turn and I take it. Now I got the gold," he added.

Furthermore, Warner says he plans on making the championship mean something again and he doesn't give a damn about anyone that tries to come through the doors of GCW off of television in an effort to make a name for themselves.

"It was amazing. I could see [Cole Radrick] almost his breath exit his body and his eyes roll in the back of his head and his coin flies in the air or maybe he held onto it and he was going, ‘One day, one day.’ It wasn't that day, it was my day and like I said, baby, ‘I got the gold now, I don't care who's mad about it, who's pissed off about it. I'm going to make this mean something again.’ We're the biggest independent pro wrestling company in the business. Everyone, they get fired. They get mad about TV time. They try to come to GCW. I got the title. I don't give a damn about anybody besides a few people."

Mancer's first GCW World Championship defense is slated for GCW Lights Out as he takes on Jordan Oliver. Learn more about that here.

Fans can check out the full interview with Mance Warner embedded above.

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