Marty Garner Recalls Working MVP In MVPs First Televised WWE Match

MVP made his WWE television debut at WWE No Mercy 2006. MVP had been touted as a coveted free agent who eventually signed with WWE SmackDown.

MVP's debut came against Marty Garner, a famed enhancement talent who came up through OMEGA with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

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Speaking to Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In The Weeds, Garner recalled sharing the ring with MVP for his first television bout.

"I was at the arena that day, and Vince McMahon came up to me and he goes, 'Marty, how would you like to work on the pay-per-view?' 'You mean a dark match?' 'No, I mean on the pay-per-view.' 'I would love that.' 'You're going to be working MVP. He was supposed to be working Chris Benoit tonight, but he's not ready for Chris Benoit.' 'Not a problem.' Me and MVP worked out our match and Vince said, 'Let me a see a little of it.' He was going to slap me in the beginning of it. He hauls off and slaps my lips off. Vince said, 'Woah, woah, woah, I didn't mean that part of it. You didn't have to slap him like that. We're just practicing here. If you would have hit me like that, you would have got a receipt.' In the match, when we locked up, I said, 'Make it a good one.' He slapped me so hard, he hit me in my ear, and that will throw your balance off and knock you a little goofy. When he hit me in my ear, I didn't know where I was at for about six seconds. I went down to one knee, looked around, and went, 'Okay, where am I? In a wrestling ring, doing a match, that's right.' It threw me off for a minute. We had a decent match, he squashed me, but it was a memorable moment," said Marty.

Garner would return to WWE television in April 2008, losing to Vladimir Kozlov on an episode of WWE SmackDown.

Elsewhere during the interview, Garner reflected on the infamous spike pedigree he took from Triple H. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

Fans can watch the full interview in the video above.

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