Mike Bailey Recalls Relationship Challenges That He Faced While Being Away From The United States

'Speedball' Mike Bailey chats about working apart from Veda Scott.

Scott and Bailey are one of the more prominent couples in all of wrestling. Scott is considered to be one of the best commentators in her field, while Bailey is seen as one of the best in-ring performers in the world.

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Although Bailey and Scott work in the same promotion on some occasions, there are also times where they are working in seperate places. While speaking to Fightful for a new interview, Bailey said that working away from Scott isn't hard at this point due to the nature of the internet.

"Well, so the thing is it’s not that hard now. I talk with people who started wrestling in Japan in 2005 or something and you had to go to an internet café to send over e-mails, and it was a whole mess. But now we can talk on video chat for hours and it’s very easy and there’s wifi. But now that we live together, we’re allowed to be in the same country and be in the same space, it’s very easy."

Bailey went on to say that being apart from Scott was difficult when he wasn't able to enter the United States.

"When it was difficult was when I couldn’t come to the U.S. and Veda lived in the U.S. and we would organize our jobs and our lives in order to be together for several months. Like, we’d spend two months in, let’s say, England together, working together every weekend, sharing a room in an AirBNB, but then we’d be apart for two, three months. Which is a lot more difficult than what we’re doing now, which is being apart on some weekends. We do still work together a lot, which is great, but being apart for two to three months, you figure out ways, you find tricks to make it work and would communicate constantly, take pictures of everything and send it over, and have very many, very long conversations on the phone, which is always great and never bothered me. Again, it’s very easy now. But now that we’re together a lot more, it just feels like a blessing altogether. The fact that we’re able to get to the point where we lived in the same country, that was a huge victory."

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