Mina Shirakawa On Mariah May: Our Feelings Are More Real, We Love Each Other

Mina Shirakawa and Mariah May love each other.

Since Mina Shirakawa arrived in AEW, she has been involved in a triangle of sorts with former tag team partner Mariah May and AEW Women's World Champion Toni Storm. May has been caught in the middle, as Shirakawa and Storm have vied for her loyalty, if not her affection. At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, the situation will come to a head when Shirakawa challenges Storm for the AEW Women's World Championship.

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Speaking with Righteous Reg and Phil Lindsey on the Grapsody Podcast, Mina Shirakawa was asked about Mariah May being in Toni Storm's corner for the match.

"I love Mariah. Mariah loves me. I feel Toni Storm only loves Mariah because Mariah dresses up as Toni. Me and Mariah’s feelings are more real," Mariah May said.

When asked about her plans to visit New York to celebrate her potential victory, Shirakawa stated that she and Mariah May would have a party with champagne. She referred to their history in Japan and noted that they would celebrate that way before, and they would do it again if she won now. Shirakawa then revealed that she would want to drink highball.

"Of course. Mariah and I have a party with champagne after winning since we were in Japan together. I want to do a party with champagne in New York. I love whiskey. Champagne is very expensive. It is useful in the ring, but in private, I want to drink highball with Mariah. I want to look for the best highball in New York," Shirakawa said.

Shirakawa also commented on Mariah May's success. She noted that May was her best friend and her partner. Mina reiterated that they love each other, and she said that she was very happy for May's success in AEW.

"Mariah is my best friend and best partner. We love each other. I’m very happy for her success in AEW. It’s hard to describe my feelings for Mariah. I feel many emotions for her. When she was in Japan, I built Club Venus. That was a first experience for me, being a unit leader. Club Venus had British people, Japanese, Australian, and American. Sometimes, we clashed over cultural differences. We had many meetings and talking. Our bond was not easy to form, but our bond is very real. I love and respect her so much. I’m so happy for her success in AEW," Shirakawa said.

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