Misa Matsui Talks Marigold, Superfly Title, Summer Destiny, More | Interview

This Saturday, Marigold will hold the biggest show in company history thus far with Summer Destiny 2024. The show will feature WWE's IYO SKY vs. Utami Hayashishita, Giulia taking on Sareee, and the inaugural champions being crowned.

One of those championships will be the Superfly Championship, as Natsumi Showzuki and Misa Matsui will square off to see who will call themselves champion.

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Matsui is one of the six wrestlers who joined Marigold from Actwres girl'Z, quickly showcasing her abilities in the ring and becoming a fan favorite. "The Speedstar" talked with Fightful's Scott Edwards for an exclusive interview ahead of the biggest match of her career.

She discussed a number of topics including the decision to leave Actwres girl'Z, her match at Summer Destiny 2024, who she hopes to face in the future, and the Passion Injection match against Nanae Takahashi.

Here's what Matsui had to say.

Edwards: You joined Actwres girl’Z in 2018 to start your career. What led to your decision to get into pro wrestling and how has it changed your life? How difficult was the decision to leave Actwres girl’Z for Marigold? And why was Marigold the right place for you to go now in your career?

Matsui: "It all started when I happened to meet someone involved in professional wrestling while working on stage. As I watched live wrestling and watched videos, I began to want to stand in the ring myself. The stage performances I had been doing up until then were not very impressive, and I was about to give up on standing in front of audiences, so meeting professional wrestling was truly fateful in my life.

"Of course, I felt both affection and responsibility after being with my previous group for about six years, but I had always wanted to leave. It was because I didn't think that the goals I had set, such as standing on a big stage or being seen by more people than I had been, would ever come true. I joined that group at 18, but before I knew it, 5 years had passed, so I felt a sense of crisis. So when the idea of ​​joining Marigold came up, my decision was as quick as a speedster. Whether Marigold is right for me or not is something I have to prove to myself from now on."

Edwards: In a video on Marigold’s social media, you said that you always dreamed of being a pro wrestler. How does it feel to become a pro wrestler again?

Matsui: "There was definitely a time when I was active as a professional wrestler before, but looking back on it now, it was all vague. I am honestly very happy that I can finally proudly say that I am a professional wrestler by joining Marigold.

"Also, many people who have been kind to me before have told me that it was a good thing, and since I have more opportunities to be exposed, I have been contacted by people who are not very familiar with the world of professional wrestling, saying that I am in the news! Even though it is something I like, if I am going to put my life on the line in the ring, I would prefer to be recognized in that way. Right now, I am happy."

Edwards: It’s been a month since Marigold Fields Forever and two months since you officially joined the Marigold roster. How has your experience been in Marigold through your first two months?

Matsui: "There were press conferences, training camps, tours, and other events that I had never experienced before. Since it was a new organization, it was very refreshing to have the feeling that we were 'building a group' while each of us was feeling our way through practice and performances. We also held several regular meetings with the wrestlers, and I really feel that we are united."

Edwards: Fuka joined Actwres girl’Z in 2022 as a special advisor. You’ve had the chance to work closely with her as a result. What has working with Fuka meant to you? How has she helped you as a competitor and now as a pro wrestler?

Matsui: "There have been many dramatic changes since Fuka joined. I initially criticized my old group, which closed off its doors in '22, publicly calling it 'boring.' However, Fuka-san drew up a unit rivalry, invigorated the title battles, instructed the wrestlers, and worked to ensure that a high-quality event would be held. Once she decided on something, she went all-out, and I respect Fuka-san's ability to act. Without Fuka-san, I definitely wouldn't be in Marigold now. I might not even be wrestling anymore."

Edwards: Through your first month in Marigold, you’ve shown you’re a natural in the ring. You showcase a high-speed style and are nicknamed the “Speed Star.” Is your in-ring style inspired by anyone? Do you feel that your style sets you apart from the rest of the Marigold roster?

Matsui: "My previous nickname was 'Light Blue Full Power Girl.' Always full power! Every day with all your heart and soul! In fact, that was all I had at that time. The reason I wanted to become a speed fighter started when I participated in a high-speed match with another organization. Since then, I have been watching matches with speedy wrestlers more. I am still learning, but Matsui is the only one in Marigold who can sell herself on speed, I think. I want to make things even more unique."

Edwards: At Summer Destiny 2024, you will face Natsumi Showzuki for the chance to become the first-ever Superfly Champion. Not only will that be a major match, but it’ll be your first chance to wrestle inside Ryogoku Kokugikan. How much are you looking forward to the big opportunity in such a big venue? And what would it mean to you to be the first Superfly Champion?

Matsui: "I got goosebumps when I walked down the runway at the NOAH Ryogoku Kokugikan event on May 4th. It's amazing, I can really stand here. I wanted to aim for a big stage, so I'm both excited and thrilled to be in a venue of a different scale than before. I feel very lucky to be able to have a single match there for the first championship. I think what is required for the Superfly division is speed. I'm not good at sports, and when I started wrestling, I had no jumping power or explosive power. I'm also slow at short distances. But now I'm being recognized as a speed fighter. I think winning the Superfly title will be proof of the journey I've made so far."

Edwards: What is your vision for the Superfly Championship should you become champion? What do you want to build with the belt?

Matsui: "I want to see a high-speed development. Marigold has many big wrestlers, so there are few wrestlers who are eligible for the Superfly Championship, but I want to show the kind of content that only Superfly can offer, which cannot be seen in other title battles. I think the mood will change depending on the first champion, so I want to make my name as the first champion and strongly reflect my ideals."

Edwards: In the first couple months of Marigold's existence, you have been synonymous with Natsumi Showzuki, from being partners to being rivals who both seek the Superfly Championship. How do you view Showzuki in regards to your ongoing growth as a professional wrestler?

Matsui: "In the previous organization, we rarely teamed up. Since joining Marigold, we have teamed up frequently, and I'm surprised at how good it feels. I'm happy to hear people expecting a tag-team battle with me and Showzuki. Because I like Showzuki as a person.

"I really enjoy fighting her too. It's thrilling when she looks at me with eyes that look like she's about to stab me with a knife, and since we're similar in build, she's someone I'm always conscious of. I think she's the best fighter for me because we can build a relationship where we crush each other and improve each other."

Edwards: Is there anyone on the Marigold roster that you’re hoping to face in a singles match that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

Matsui: "I'd like to fight all of them, but it's MIRAI. I practice with her and watch her matches, and I'm always overwhelmed by her incredible athleticism. She's fast, powerful, and technical. I'd like to experience her flawless physical strength to the fullest!"

Edwards: Beyond the roster of Marigold, are there any wrestlers that jump out to you that you'd like to face in the future?

Matsui: "My senior, SAKI, who has been guiding me since before my debut and has built my foundation."

Edwards: Earlier this year, you had your first chance to challenge Mari for the AWG Championship. It was the first match I saw of yours, and it was clear that you could be a world champion someday from the heart and passion you displayed in that match against Mari. What did that championship match mean to you and what did you learn from it? While you focus on the Superfly Championship right now, do you have aspirations to become a world champion in the future?

Matsui: "At that time, I was heading into the match without any sense of who I was. I wonder what the meaning of that title match was. I'm sure if I had reached the top there, everything would have been different from then on. I think it was a message from heaven telling me to keep working hard, and I will definitely reach the pinnacle someday."

Edwards: Your match with Nanae Takahashi in Hamamatsu has been heralded as one of the best Passion Injection matches to date and showed many new fans what Misa Matsui is capable of as a singles wrestler. What was it like facing Nanae and getting such an outpouring of support as a result?

Matsui: "I'm very grateful that you're still talking about it after the match. But that day, I was just trying to hang on and keep up with Nanae, I didn't see any way to win, and I felt like I was losing everything. I still regret it. I'm no longer a wrestler with a career where I can just work hard. When Utami pinned Nanae at the Korakuen Hall event after that, I felt even more regretful and miserable. Although we have different paths and experiences, I'm in the same generation as Utami Hayashishita.

"I'm really happy that you said it was the best passion-injected match. But I'm never going to be satisfied with just this."

Edwards: Following Marigold Fields Forever, Sareee called herself the “ace” of Marigold despite not being a roster member. She’s someone you haven’t had the chance to face yet, either. What were you feeling when she said this? You noted on X that you’d like to face her. Do you still feel that way after seeing her compete?

Matsui: "I love the Marigold group. I think the wrestlers have a lot of trust in each other. The person who should lead the group down the middle should be a wrestler who is in the same boat as them. However, it is a frustrating fact that I am inferior to Sareee. I had a singles match with Sareee about three and a half years ago. Now that the group and the situation have changed, the more I watch Sareee's matches, the more I want to fight her."

Edwards: During your time in Actwres girl’Z, you were a member of the group Teppen. While there have been no groups formed in Marigold as of yet, is there anyone you would be interested in aligning with in the future?

Matsui: "(Nao) Ishikawa"

Edwards: Fans have also had a chance to see your fun side as of late with a video that was posted by Marigold’s English X account of you dancing. Being a part of Marigold has led to you becoming a fan favorite in Japan and around the world. You have a natural likability that is making you a real fan favorite! What does it mean to you to have so many fans already? And would you like to say anything to those who are supporting you worldwide?

Edwards: "I'm really happy that so many people know about me! Thank you for your constant support. I read all the comments on social media! I'll do my best to deliver even more passionate, more brilliant, and even more amazing wrestling! Please continue to support me with hashtag #MatsuiKAWAII!"

We'd like to thank Misa Matsui and Marigold for taking the time to help put this great interview together ahead of their big show on Saturday.

Fightful also thanks Chiyoko. Chiyoko translated the questions from English to Japanese for Misa Matsui to answer. You can follow Chiyoko on X here: @chiyoko_asakura

Misa Matsui and the Marigold roster will compete in their biggest show yet -- Summer Destiny 2024, live from Ryogoku Sumo Hall on WRESTLE UNIVERSE. Matsui will go head-to-head with Natsumi Showzuki to crown the inaugural Superfly Champion. The show will also feature IYO SKY vs. Utami Hayashishita and so much more.

Here's a look at the full card:

  • Giulia vs. Sareee
  • Utami Hayashishita vs. IYO SKY
  • United National Championship: Bozilla vs. MIRAI or Miku Aono
  • United National Championship Finalist: MIRAI vs. Miku Aono
  • Nanae Takahashi, Nao Ishikawa & Mai Sakurai vs. Shinobu Kandori, Takako Inoue & NORI
  • Superfly Championship: Misa Matsui vs. Natsumi Showzuki
  • Nagisa Nozaki & CHIAKI vs. Zayda Steel & Myla Grace
  • Kouki Amarei & Chika Goto vs. Victoria Yuzuki & X
  • Komomo Minami vs. Rea Seto

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