MJF And Dax Harwood Eject Fan Who Snuck Backstage At AEW Show And Pretended To Be Jeff Hardy's Trainee

A very unusual situation played out last week on Long Island at the AEW Dynamite show, backstage

Fightful has learned that building security for UBS Arena (not AEW's security) allowed a fan backstage, who was posing as an extra. Things quickly unraveled for him. The fan made his way into the locker room, and sat in Dax Harwood's seat, before being informed of such. He apologized, noting he was an extra, and then moved over to a seat that had belonged to the Blade of Hardy Family Office.

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It became evident to people in the locker room that something was off, so they began questioning the person, who was applying his Jeff Hardy-style armbands. When asked who trained him, he stated "Jeff Hardy," who does not train wrestlers. Also, the person couldn't correctly identify who would have booked him for extra work, citing a name that doesn't do that job. We're told that MJF and Dax Harwood quickly ejected him from the locker room, and took him to a person who indicated the same fan had been kicked out of an AEW Boston show in October.

We're told there was no heat on AEW's security, as this wasn't their responsibility as much as it was the UBS building security. One source that we reached out to in order to confirm the story said that given the Seth Rollins situation recently, they're glad it got resolved without physicality, as things could have gotten very bad for the fan.

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