MJF Discusses His Musical History, Would Sing Judas With Chris Jericho

MJF is at the very least a double threat, as displayed on AEW Dynamite recently.

MJF and friendly rival Chris Jericho broke out into a Rat Pack song during a steak dinner originally scheduled to discuss the possibility of the former joining the Inner Circle. For better or worse, the segment was the most talked about thing in wrestling that week.

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Could we see more of a follow up? After all, Jericho has his successful band, Fozzy.

"Absolutely," MJF confirmed to Fightful. "Right now we’ve got some things in the works. Nothing I can talk about legally, but there’s definitely some things in the works as far as musically goes. I mean, let’s face the facts here. I was an all state tenor [too?] for a reason. I was the captain of the Acafellas, an all male acapella group, for a reason. Chris Jericho is one of the greatest rock singers for a reason. Yeah, we’re both wildly talented. Nobody in all of professional wrestling could have pulled off the segment that we pulled off. There’s a reason it is the most talked about segment in the history of professional wrestling and I am very proud of it."

In an effort to recreate the magic, we tried to get a duet going during the interview. It did not work.

"Absolutely not, Sean. You don’t have the pipes. I’m not even going to allow you to try that. It’s embarrassing enough for me that I have to share a screen with you right now for an interview. I’m not going to make you make that situation somehow worse. So, here’s what we’re going to do. What song were you thinking of singing? Who sings that song? Yeah, let’s keep it that way," MJF rudely stated.

Fine. How about a tour with Chris Jericho, Fozzy, and singing the iconic "Judas?"

"Oh, I would. Because we’re both professionals, Sean. Professionals. Next question. You’re embarrassing yourself. More importantly, you’re embarrassing me," he said.

That's far from the only team-up MJF has aspirations for when it comes to Jericho. We asked if he'd be interested in pursuing a goal he's never strived for in AEW yet -- the AEW World Tag Team Championships.

"Absolutely. Every title in AEW. Because AEW, let’s face facts. we are the winners of the key demo week after week after week. We are the show. Every title in AEW is vastly important. My ultimate goal is to become AEW World Champion, clearly because I should, right now, be AEW World Champion because Jon Moxley is a cheating sonof—I’ll cut myself off there. But, would it be crazy to win the World Tag Team titles with my boy, CJ? Absolutely. That’d be great. That would be an absolutely great tag title run," MJF clarified.

That demographic that MJF mentioned is the famed 18-49 year old demographic. One that Chris Jericho will no longer be a part of in just a couple of weeks. MJF doesn't think that this puts him out of touch with that age group whatsoever.

"Chris Jericho has always had his finger on the pulse and he always will. He might be what some might consider an older gentleman, but in reality, he’s not. The guy’s in the prime of his career, both mentally and physically. He’s as clever as a fox and he’s as quick as a cat. He’s an incredible athlete and he’s an incredible professional wrestler. Do I feel me and him have this incredible chemistry and we’re able to bounce some ideas off of each other? Absolutely. I think that’s going to keep shining through and that’s the reason why every single time we’re on TV together, we’re must see," MJF said.

MJF has his opportunity at Full Gear. With a win over Jericho, he's a part of the Inner Circle. If not, he's out. After Jon Moxley defeated him at All Out, he feels he needs some reinforcements to watch his back.

"If I get to be a part of the Inner Circle it’s gonna get me one step closer to regaining the title that should be around my waist already, being the AEW World Championship. Chris Jericho is, bar none, one of the greatest of all time. I feel that I am going to go down as one of the greatest of all time. I feel that people will look back at this match five, ten years from now and they will remember it as one of the biggest keynotes in, not just my career, but in Chris’s career. I am loudly excited to get in between the ropes with him. This is an exhibition. There is no bad blood. These are two gentlemen who genuinely are on the top of their game and we are both looking forward to proving to one another who is the better man, whether it is that night or in general. I’m looking forward to proving that I deserve and I belong to be in the Inner Circle."

We'll find out this Saturday.

You can see our full interview with MJF at the top of the page. He'll be taking on Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear on November 7 at Daily's Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

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