MJF Interested In Pursuing Acting

We've learned some more news about MJF and AEW's friction, and what followed the huge promo last week.

We're told at some point, the day before the meet & greet and flight booking, MJF had spoken with Tony Khan at Rampage, though we're not sure how that conversation went or if that led to what followed the next day.

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MJF was not present at the WarnerMedia/Discovery/AEW party after the June 1 Dynamite, which featured many of the top stars within the company.

We're told that MJF was not at Rampage in Ontario two days later, and did not travel with All Elite Wrestling after Dynamite. We've heard from numerous sources that MJF remained in Los Angeles for several days, which lends some credibility to another rumor we've since confirmed.

MJF has had a growing interest in pursuing Hollywood opportunities. According to his friends, as well as other consistent Fightful sources, MJF has been speaking more about the possibility of getting into acting. He'd mentioned this in an interview with Ariel Helwani, the same one that helped start the issues between he and AEW. He also claimed to have recorded a voiceover for an animated role that comes out next year. People within AEW have heard that MJF had meetings set up last week in LA later in the week to possibly explore that route.

Word from MJF's side of things has been completely silent over the last week.

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