MJF Told WWE Talent "Can't Wait To Be There Next Year," Is Likely Being MJF

WWE is interested in when MJF's contract is up.

MJF has been AEW Champion since November, working an angle where he often references the notion that his AEW contract is up at the start of 2024. To make it abundantly clear, we have had absolutely zero confirmation as to the date of MJF's current contract, although an extension that he'd signed early in AEW's life did in fact have it expire at the start of 2024. Regardless, MJF has told anyone that asked the same thing that he says on AEW TV -- that his deal is up at the start of the year.

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This extends to WWE, as well. Including one WWE talent outright admitting that MJF said "I'm looking forward to being there in 2024," before noting that while MJF wanted them to think he was serious, they take it with a grain of salt. Word of him saying that had made its way to other talent there, as well.

One WWE source we spoke to said that "obviously" WWE has been and would be interested in MJF if and when he was available, but that many in the company aren't even sure when his AEW contract is actually up, and are operating on assumptions, and what he's told to people. Thus far we haven't heard from anyone who has actually heard from MJF that he's extended his contract, though it's assumed by many.

To reiterate before any possible aggregations misconstrue, we have no confirmations regarding the actual expiration date of MJF's contract, if he were to have signed an extension at any point.

For those that have asked, anyone we've spoken to that says they "know" MJF has re-signed with the company haven't been told that by MJF or Tony Khan, and are operating on assumptions.

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