MLW Applauded By Several Wrestlers For Safety Measures At Recent Tapings

Wrestling in the pandemic era can be a scary thing.

It looks like MLW has taken some positive steps to protect their wrestlers. Several that got in touch with Fightful put over the efforts, as reported on Fightful Select.

As mentioned last week, Major League Wrestling returned to taping, which took place from the weekend through the early part of last week. We got a lot of positive feedback from wrestlers there about the COVID protocols in place. Many wrestled their matches, and went back to the hotels. We were also told MLW had a CDC official present in order to help oversee that things went well.

In addition, we've been told there are some surprising, bigger names that were at the Major League Wrestling tapings that we wouldn't expect, which have since been revealed to be Lio Rush, ACH and Shawn Daivari.

Fightful will post the episodes of MLW Fusion as they air on Youtube.

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