Mojo Rawley Used To Troll Rob Gronkowski Before Games By Threatening Him With Lisa The Security Guard

Lisa the Security Guard is 2-0 in on screen battles.

For those of you who don't remember, WWE used to employ a popular female security guard named Lisa, who rose to fame at the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at 2017's WrestleMania. Lisa, not realizing that Super Bowl winning NFL player Rob Gronkowski was a plant for the match, tried to prevent him from rushing the ring. Mojo Rawley, a close friend of Gronk's, recalled the situation.

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"Bro, that was one of my favorites. She did everyone a great, great service that day. She made the whole spot, just so you know. But, Lisa’s definitely gonna kick the crap out of Rob. I think, actually, they had a SuperBowl or something and I would send Rob videos before the game of me and Lisa with Lisa talking trash if they lose, she’s gonna come down there and run it back and whip his ass and all this and that. That was kind of a great friendship we have.But, dude, that day, that spot, was hysterical because you know how the wrestling world can be and when you bring outsiders they don’t tend to like it. So, there was a percentage of the crowd that when they showed Rob, some booed. I heard that and in the beginning in the match, knowing what was coming, I was like, ‘Ah, crap. This is not good.’ So, as the match went on, they were pulling for me a little more. Then it came time for the Gronk spot, so when he stood up afterwards, people actually cheered. Some people cheered Jinder for splashing him and some people started to boo Rob when he came up and came him the spot. But, then when Lisa took it away from him they realized how much they still wanted to see it. So, anyone that was booing, now was cheering and it made the whole thing perfect. It was great, but I was literally laying on the floor right underneath, and I’m like, ‘Lisa! Part of the show! Part of the show, let him go!’"

There was no heat on Lisa after the spot, but she was concerned there would be, as Mojo recalled.

"She was so confused in the moment, I think afterwards she was still confused and she was worried that it was going to be held against her and taken out against her. Because I remember another one of the security guards ran up while this was going on and he just ran up, and he’s like ‘What the f—!’ He’s just shouted it out. I was dying laughing. I was trying so hard to dig my face into the corner of the barricade. But, dude, I tell you. It made it better," said Rawley.

That wasn't the last time Lisa had to handle some business. At Survivor Series 2018, Enzo Amore appeared in the crowd ten months after his WWE firing and made a scene. Rawley remembers seeing it all unfold, and Lisa tackling the former Cruiserweight Champion.

"Enzo probably still has whiplash from that moment. Bro, I was in tears when I saw that and the wig that Enzo picked was the uncle from Napoleon Dynamite. Uncle Rico. That was the best and when Lisa snatched him, that was the first thing that went through my mind, ‘Dude, Lisa’s 2-0.’ Dude, she ejected him. Oh, yeah. She’s the best. Miss her, love her so much," Rawley said.

Going back to that battle royal, Rawley was the the winner of that match. He looked back on his WrestleMania moment and sharing it with a close friend.

"I might have found out—I didn’t know for sure—until maybe a few days before. But I think I found out a week or two ahead of time that this was the current plan. The way they were showcasing me on TV leading up to that, I had no doubt in my mind that that was going to be what it was. All my matches were structure around battle royals or battle royal concepts. I was the first to declare for it, all that. So, that was all kind of a give away there. That’s when I had the idea to tag Rob in this ‘cause I know he wanted in on this and it was Mania and it could be a great spot for everybody. So, we brought Rob in and once Rob came in, ‘cause they had to give him the heads up on what he was going to be doing, that was when I found out for sure what they were thinking. But, yeah, man, that was great and it was my first Mania. So, it was really cool. Great stuff. Got to do it with my best friend. Jinder’s another one of my really close friends in the locker room, so that was cool that it came down to me and him," said Rawley.

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