Mordecai: Monty Brown Doesn't Want To Wrestle, But Everyone Wants To Book Him

The following is an excerpt from our long-form feature on Kevin Fertig, also known as Kevin Thorn and Mordecai. Check out the full story at this link, and our interview above.


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Monty Brown has been out of wrestling since 2007, but made one of his first public appearances ever last year to help the former Kevin Thorn's show to benefit Brady Destroys Cancer.

Even though he's in demand, Brown has stayed away from the spotlight, and Kevin Fertig (Thorn) says you couldn't even tell Brown had been out of action.

"Man, it’s like he never lost a beat when he was in there with me," Fertig said of Brown. "Now, granted he didn’t want to wrestle, but he got in there, talking and everything else. He became the Alpha Male instantaneously. He’s got a great personal training studio up there (in Michigan). He does a lot of stuff with athletes. For God’s sake, he’s an NFL guy. He played for the Patriots, he’s got Super Bowl rings. He’s got a little bit of everything. He played for Ferris [State University], was one of their stud linebackers. It’s definitely in Monty’s blood to do whatever Monty wants to do. That’s the cool part about him is he does it his way and that’s the only way."

As mentioned on his running list of indie shows, Fertig has a huge rolodex of promoters, and they all want to see Brown back in the ring, too. That's not in the cards for Brown, but helping out children seems to be for both of them.

"Everybody wants him. I got 8,000 phone calls, “Oh, how do I get a hold of him?” Well, you don’t. Because I’m not giving you his number. “Oh, please, c’mon.” No, because he asked me not to. He’s coming for me and me only. Yeah, he brought down his football helmets, his rings. My son got to try all that stuff on. Now, granted as a Colt’s fan I was a little… It made me a little nauseous with the Patriots on, but it didn’t make me that nauseous ‘cause it was my good friend’s helmet," said Fertig.

Friendships like the one he's developed with Monty Brown seem to make it worth it for Kevin Fertig. Sure, he had a few opportunities slip through his fingers, but he's made even bigger personal opportunities come to fruition. From terrifying opponents, to helping make things easier for a child in need. That's something the two share. If you were to ask at WrestleMania 23 how many future WrestleManias would have happened for them, zero wouldn't have been a safe answer. But the bonds build and lives affected have changed Fertig's outlook from creatively frustrated to successful and satisfied. Something his friend Monty learned a few years prior.

"Aw, dude, he’s my brother. Yeah, he came no questions asked. He didn’t even [want to get paid]. He was only doing it because it was something I was doing. That’s the best part about this business sometimes is the true friendship you get to do. Looking back and everything, man, I’m so blessed because of this career. All of this crazy stuff is because of this career, because of wrestling. Sometimes you look back and you tell stories—you get a little irritated, but then you’re like, everything all works itself out in the end for a reason. maybe I wasn’t supposed to main event WrestleMania, but maybe I was supposed to sell some killer houses to some killer individuals and make a lot of world champion homebuyers. that’s what I get to do now, We raised $30,000 in a night for a young man on my son’s football team last year tht got diagnoses with leukemia. Literally now we still have a reserve. He’s since in remission, but I have a reserve. So, if next year something happens—all medical bills were paid off this year. Next year, if something happens he’s, God forbid, something happens we’ve already got a reserve. We’re already going to be able to pay his deductible and then some out of the gate. Hopefully parents are never gonna have to worry about it. That’s all because of wrestling," he closed.

You can read our full, long-form article with Kevin Fertig at this link, and learn more about his realty at this link.

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