More Details Behind WWE NXT To CW In 2024

NXT will be moving the CW in October of 2024.

NXT was a major domino to fall in the rights fees updates, as now NXT and Smackdown are nailed down.

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We're told the deal has been discussed for months, well before the rumors of NWA and CW started. WWE's side of things said that they felt that things moved very quickly, with one source saying that they're very satisfied with the deal. This was a product they were not receiving rights fees for just five years ago, and have increased revenue by millions for something they were already producing.

The deal was particularly appealing for WWE because they get a significant rights fee increase and now they're on a basic network that widens a possible audience base.

On the TKO earnings call, they noted a 70 percent increase on the rights fees, but WWE sources said that when you factor in the things they do, and all that's included, they see it as more like a 200 percent increase. As of now, Fightful does not have the exact numbers. The claim from Deadline was that it was double the $15 million price tag.

As of now, the plan is for NXT to remain on Tuesdays, however, there will be more conversations between CW and WWE in 2024 as the start date gets closer to nail that down.

We're told that the program is expected to remain very similar as it is now. WWE have been very happy with the viewership increases they've enjoyed in recent months, especially with the additions and cameos from main roster stars. From the NXT end, they're hoping that continues now that the deal is hammered out. From a ratings, talent evaluation and performance standpoint, we're told those involved in NXT are very happy with how that's been working.

Talent that we spoke to from the NWA were surprised by this news, with one saying that they were blindsided by it. There was word that NWA was working on a deal with CW, but sources within WWE do not expect that to happen at this point. Beyond that, one of the shows NWA was said to be pushing was a reality series of some sort.

It's worth noting, PWInsider reported this afternoon that negotiations between WWE and CW were ongoing.

USA Network, where NXT had resided, is expected to make a play for the NBA media rights. Regardless of where those land, it will likely affect wrestling, as it'll affect available budget within USA Network and TNT/TBS/WBD.

WWE is speaking with multiple suitors for WWE Raw.

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