More On NXT-TNA Partnership And Additional Possibilities

TNA and NXT crossover does not look like it’s ending.

Those Corey Brennan spoke to in NXT spoke highly of former talent in TNA such as Mustafa Ali and Zachary Wentz, among others when discussing crossover opportunities

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It has long been known in NXT that Shawn Michaels was a big supporter of Mustafa Ali prior to his WWE release and had big plans for him on the brand prior to his exit, but those we spoke to noted that if Ali were to appear in NXT, it would have to be on his terms, though it wasn’t specified what that meant. However, it’s important to note that Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp confirmed Mustafa Ali actually isn’t signed to a TNA contract, and could appear completely separate of anything associated with NXT. Ali was scheduled to become a champion before his NXT/WWE release.

Regarding Zachary Wentz, Sapp also spoke to sources at the start of 2023 who said that their stance on Wentz had softened following his release and that there is a good chance he could appear for the brand again in the future if the right situation occurs. New Catch Republic were announced as teaming with Wes Lee, with many expecting the natural setup for a Rascalz reunion.

Ash By Elegance, the former Dana Brooke, was brought in very last minute and hidden away for her spot. As she told ComicBook’s Liam Crowley, she was asked on very short notice. She wasn’t seen backstage prior, but WWE sources Sean Ross Sapp spoke with said she was always well liked there.

One WWE source Sean Ross Sapp spoke to mentioned Moose as someone that the company had interest with for years prior, and TNA sources have noted that Moose has been very outspoken about wanting to participate in the crossover. Moose had been courted by WWE under previous regimes, with Canyon Ceman reaching out.

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