More On Tony Khan And MJF's Heated Discussion Over Interview That Wasn't Cleared

A top AEW star and Tony Khan had a heated discussion over the weekend. Fightful Select has learned that AEW founder Tony Khan and MJF had a discussion this past weekend that was said to have left both men frustrated. The conversation stemmed from MJF's interview with Ariel Helwani, where the two spoke for over an hour, notably about his contract status with AEW. MJF's deal runs until 2024, which looks to be a major year for pro wrestling free agency. We're told that the contract status of MJF is what has left the young star frustrated of late, but that Tony Khan took issue with the interview being set up without notifying AEW's PR team of such. Those that we spoke to didn't think there would have been an issue with the subject matter or the interview in general if that were the case. Fightful reached out to Tony Khan and MJF, but didn't get a comment on the record.

In a follow up, we're told that there was a follow up conversation that happened Monday, which went much smoother. MJF's point of frustration continued to be his contract, while Khan was more concerned about the precedent being set of AEW talent doing interviews without running it by the PR team, which has been standard since 2019. Those that we spoke to have said that Khan and MJF have maintained a good relationship since AEW started, and have become good friends.

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