MSK Address Getting Boos From The NXT Crowd, Talk Beth Phoenix Popcorn GIF

MSK, Wes Lee and Nash Carter took the NXT tag team division by storm when they debuted at the start of this year's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and they have been having fun ever since.

From eating popcorn in the ring with Beth Phoenix to capturing the NXT Tag Team Championship, MSK continues to have a good time and, along the way, has attracted a little bit of the polarizing reaction associated with the career of John Cena.

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Fightful recently spoke with NXT’s resident rascals where they spoke openly about their polarizing crowd reaction and eating popcorn in the ring with Beth Phoenix.

Fightful: I want to address a little bit of the elephant in the room, I've heard some boos while you're out there. I know you guys have heard them too, so when you hear that, what's your reaction? It doesn't seem like your natural inclination is to be a jerk, but somewhere deep inside of you, maybe there is?

Carter: "We don't want to control what people do. If they want to boo favorite wrestler, or sports entertainer, of all time is John Cena. How many boos did he get? "

Wes: "All of them!"

Carter: "It doesn't really matter. If they want to boo, go ahead. You can do whatever you want."

Wes: "You can boo, we're still gonna smile and have our fun. We've done it in the midst of negativity for the majority of our career. So, you looking at our face and booing us is not going to make any difference. We still have people who support us and we're still going to do what we do. We love what we do. We're going to continue to do what we do."

Carter: "Kill them with kindness."

(Wes jokingly blames Carter for boos)

Fightful: Very early on in your NXT run, you guys had a GIF moment and you guys had to know it was going to get GIF’d when you're out there eating popcorn with Beth Phoenix. You guys know what's going to hit, you guys know what is going to turn into a GIF. You guys had to be out there going, ‘Yeah, this might replace the Big E GIF.’

Wes: "No, never (wanted to replace Big E popcorn GIF)."

Carter: "It was in the moment. It's my best friend and brother, and Beth freakin' Phoenix.

Wes: "And we had popcorn. It was poppin. Delicious amount of butter, right amount of ratio of salt, and it was heated still. We were out there for awhile and it was heated still. We couldn't get enough."

Carter: "We were having fun out there."

MSK is going to continue having fun in the ring every Tuesday on NXT 2.0. Fightful has live coverage of NXT every Tuesday beginning at 8 p.m. eastern time.

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