Natalya: Tyson Kidd Is So Excited To Work With Shotzi, Tegan Nox, Eva Marie And Piper Niven

Natalya is a part of one of the most legendary wrestling famlies of all-time, but she's married in to a wealth of wrestling talent as well.

TJ Wilson, formerly Tyson Kidd of WWE, is now a producer for the company, often renowned for his work with the women there. We asked Natalya about what it's like to work with her husband -- two people who share such a wealth of in-ring experience.

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"We talk about wrestling all the time. We were talking about ladder matches this morning and I've been watching ladder matches over the past two days. Just to wrap my head around 'Okay, I'm in a ladder match.' He's got so many great ideas, but what I love about TJ is that he's so fair. He sees something great in everyone and sees so much potential in our women's division and he's excited when we get new talent like Tegan Nox and Shotzi, with Piper [Doudrop] and Eva (Maria). We saw last week that Toni Storm is coming. He's excited about the influx of new talent and he has a vision for every single woman. He's been lucky enough to produce two main event matches for the women. He sees something great in everyone. He's also a student of the game and that's why he does so well. I feel like he competed in the WWE women's division in a past life. He has an art to help everybody rise to the occasion and keeping everyone safe and making everyone feel comfortable. He studies wrestling so much. He can tell Bret Hart any match that Bret has had in his career, matches that Bret has maybe forgotten about. I remember there was a match that Bret and Kidman had and TJ is just like, 'Yeah, that match with you and Kidman.' He can remember everything about people's careers, what arena the show was in, what pay-per-view it was. He is amazing. His love and his passion for the business is unwavered and the women are all tapping into it and we're lucky to have him," said Natalya.

This Sunday, Natalya competes in a Money int he Bank ladder match, which Wilson also did nine years ago.

You can see our full interview with Natalya at the top of the page. She's participating in the Money in the Bank ladder match on July 18 at WWE Money in the Bank, which you can check out live on Peacock.

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