News On Why IMPACT Pulled Talent From Virtual Basment's The Wrestling Code, Talks Between Them

Recently, Fallah Bahh was put back into Virtual Basement's The Wrestling Code video game after he left IMPACT Wrestling. In 2020, IMPACT pulled all of their contracted talent from the game. We've learned a little bit more about that.

We're told that Virtual Basement had meetings with IMPACT Wrestling, where there pitches for the developers to work on the first new IMPACT Wrestling game in over a decade. However, we learned that IMPACT's parent company Anthem Entertainment nixed IMPACT Wrestling stars appearing in Virtual Basement's independent game, but wanted the two sides to work together on an IMPACT game. This would have required the Wrestling Code to be put on hold, and Virtual Basement would have also funded the game. Obviously this didn't end up happening.

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As of now IMPACT has no plans to release a video game, and there is no release date scheduled for The Wrestling Code.

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