Nidia Looks Back At The "Blind" Angle, Hardcore Holly Ribbing Her

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You won't hear a lot of gloom and doom stories from Nidia, even though she hasn't been around the wrestling business in years. The time with Noble seemed to be one she enjoyed.

"It was so fun. We were going from heels to babyfaces. I remember towards the end when they decided to split us up, which I wish they would have kept us together for a lot longer because it was starting to turn. We would go as heels and the crowd would start cheering for us. So, when we were beating up Hurricane or whoever, people were like,’Yeah! Beat ‘em!’ It was like, ‘You guys got it wrong. They’re the good guys, we’re the bad guys. You’re supposed to boo us.’ But, it started shifting. I remember towards the end when we went to England and it was just huge pops. It’s like, ‘Yeah, I like this.’ went from being a heel to a babyface, people just started liking it," she recalled. "It was very fun, and for a woman, because all the girls were supermodels and like, ‘Look at me, I’m beautiful.’ Here there was just so different from that. It was so refreshing to play, you know? It did feel like a game because it was like, ‘Ah, let’s just go have fun.’ It was just a lot of freedom, too. You didn’t have to be anyone. She was just unhinged. So, you could do whatever."

All good things must come to an end, and so did the story with Jamie Noble and Nidia. Their rags to riches story of two poor southerners (I think) getting an inheritance and living the high lift was over. . A year and a half in, a split was orchestrated, including a blinding angle.

That's right. Blind. Nidia fell victim to Tajiri's mist and was rendered blind for months. Noble would use this to his advantage, manipulating her. Rey Mysterio revealed this to Nidia, which led to a rare pay-per-view intergender match. For months when traveling with WWE, Nidia had to live the gimmick and pretend she was blind, at the request of management.

Ribbing ensued.

"We would go overseas, and they would be like, ‘Hey, Nidia. Remember that you’re blind. So, I don’t want to see you out in the lobby walking around and then you have to go pretend you’re blind at the show. ‘Cause that just kills it.’ So, that’s the thing, right? One day we got in, we were in Australia, and I called. Dawn Nothing. ‘Torrie?’ Nothing. ‘Jamie?’ Nothing. They’re all gone, right? So, I’m just like, ‘Damnit, I’m fucking hungry.’ So, I get in the elevator, hoping that I’m not going to run into anyone and I run into Bob Holly. I was like, ‘Dude, I’m hungry. I need to go downstairs and I need to get some food. Can you guide me through the crowd?’ I bumped into every single wall and plant and anything. It was just, ‘Whoops, watch out for that.’ I was like, ‘Fuck, just get me to my meal.’ It was the longest walk," Nidia chuckled.

By the way, Noble cheated, and removed his blindfold and defeated Nidia at No Way Out. That was a wrap on their time together. As it turns out, there was so much more planned that never even happened.

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