Details On Mercedes Mone Signing With AEW

Mercedes Mone is All Elite, and we have some additional details on how things are going.

Mone got a new theme, which she produced herself. One of the reasons indicated to Fightful was that not only was here theme almost note for note Kriss Kross’ “Jump,” but that Kriss Kross’ song itself had a couple of other samples, and many clearances would be required. We spoke to sources that were happy that the “CEO” nickname was hammered home in the new entrance.

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Naomi, Tamina and Bayley did attend the event, which wasn’t much of the secret. We’re told that AEW talent visited with them, and AEW assured everyone they wouldn’t be filmed as they were there to support Mercedes.

To follow up on New Japan Pro Wrestling still working with Mercedes Mone, we’re told by NJPW sources that they had “significant plans and hopes” for Mone as of last month. She was originally planned to win the NJPW Strong title last year over Willow Nightingale. However, the injury to Mercedes caused the two to call an audible. NJPW sources said that they were happy the two knew to do that on the fly.

To add detail to some original pitches for Mercedes’ debut, the Jacksonville Homecoming Dynamite was also briefly considered.

Other details of the deal, we're told that Mercedes has had her own locker room as well. This has been offered to some female talent in the past in AEW.

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