Parker Boudreaux "Extremely Early" In Learning The Wrestling Business, Per WWE Sources

It shouldn't be a surprise, but Parker Boudreaux is going to need some seasoning.

WWE sources spoke with Fightful shortly after Parker's WWE signing announcement, letting us know that people asking about his progress are way ahead of themselves already. Fightful Select experiences the same inquiries, which plenty of questions about Boudreaux being "fast tracked."

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There is a ton of buzz around the Brock Lesnar-esque Parker Boudreaux, with a ton of questions about him being fast-tracked. Several WWE Performance Center sources have told us that people should probably pump their brakes on that. Boudreaux very clearly wanted to come into WWE and was excited to join, but we are told that he is "extremely early" in learning the wrestling business itself and came in with very little knowledge of the basics and what goes into them. This isn't out of the ordinary by any stretch, and happens with plenty of recruits and new signings, but as of now, we're told there is plenty of work to be done on that front.

Boudreaux had an early endorsement from Paul Heyman, and has been seen hanging out with Eva Marie. In addition, Matt Riddle commented on the signing of the college football standout.

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