Updated WWE Draft 2020 Plans, Nixed Plans

WWE wants to shake things up again with another Draft, but current circumstances in the world keeps shaking things up for them.

Fightful has learned that a planned WWE Draft has changed several times.

News On Several Names That Have Changed Under New WWE Regime, And Ones That Haven't

In June, Fightful learned of plans for WWE to attempt to run live shows with limited fans in attendance in July, which were later scrapped. However, other plans have been repeatedly scrapped as well, including a WWE draft.

Fightful learned that a draft was originally set for the end of August, before being moved to September. After it was set for September, it was moved to October, then back and forth again. The original source that we heard the story from in June had noted WWE had informed some broadcast partners of both Draft plans and live event plans, the latter of which was nixed completely.

At this point, October is the updated plan for the draft. We've heard that the plans have changed numerous times, however.

We're told there are no current plans to end the brand split.

Plans continue to change as it pertains to WWE's current schedule. Recently, it was reported that WWE Payback will be taking place one week after WWE SummerSlam. Learn more at this link.

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