Positive Reception Backstage To Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley's AEW Talent Meeting

Several top wrestlers held a talent meeting at AEW Dynamite on September 7, as Fightful Select reported.

Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley conducted a talent meeting for wrestlers, managers, announcers and referees before AEW Dynamite. Details from the actual meeting are few and far between, as several that were to be in attendance spoke highly of it. One talent said "those were the right people to call a meeting like that at that time, and for it to resonate well." Everyone that we were able to speak with would only elaborate hat they were encouraged to keep personal issues with one another in-house and solve them there, as opposed to the leaks that have exploded over the past couple of months. This was also stressed at previous talent meetings, including via an e-mail that went out to several. Most of the word we got were specific reactions to the reported hosts as opposed to the meeting itself.

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Danielson, Moxley, and Jericho were heavily praised by those that we spoke to for various different reasons. Jericho -- even this past weekend -- was credited for stepping up as a backstage presence even more than he previously was. One young AEW talent had said to us that the resolve that Jericho showed at the press scrum after the Brawl Out situation happened was a great example to be set. Moxley and Danielson also seem to be widely adored by the AEW locker room. Much of Moxley's promo after a recent title run when he said he was "the answer" to a lot of problems was echoed, especially considering he was supposed to have time off. Danielson's general friendly, funny demeanor was also credited as "calming" from one AEW talent.

The word that we got coming out of AEW Dynamite was significantly more positive than 24 hours prior.

"A big part of Punk's promo was about people who hadn't been anywhere or done anything, and there were three guys who have done almost everything he's done if not more leading the charge. It wasn't anti-Punk or anything, but you can never have anyone say they didn't do anything in this business. Or guys like Paul (Wight), Mark (Henry), Matt (Hardy), or Regal for example. We have plenty of great people to go to advice for and take direction from if needed," said one AEW original talent. Another talent said that while the situation shouldn't have happened, Eddie Kingston owning up for his role in the Sammy Guevara issue was the right way to handle it.

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