Raquel Gonzalez Comments On Working A Recent Dark Match And Potentially Appearing In The 2022 Royal Rumble

Raquel Gonzalez talks about a potential Royal Rumble appearance and her most recent dark match opportunity ahead of a recent SmackDown.

Raquel Gonzalez is already the top woman in NXT and with Royal Rumble season fast approaching, many are wondering if the powerful star planned on making an appearance in next year's Royal Rumble with a potential WrestleMania main event at stake in her home state of Texas.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Raquel says she is open to all possibilities even though her main focus is still NXT

"I'm always excited for the possibilities of being a part of the Rumble, being part of WrestleMania, especially with Mania being in Texas. It's just something that I've always dreamed of; being part of the big stage. I'm excited to see what happens next month, but for right now, I'm focusing on WarGames and Dakota Kai and Mandy Rose. I'm going to have both of them at once. Do you know how happy that makes me? I get them both at once in the cage. They aren't going anywhere."

Raquel also recently had the opportunity to take part in the Wrestlemania ticket party in her home state of Texas. Of course, WrestleMania will take place in Dallas, Texas next year Raquel says thus far, it's her favorite moment in WWE.

"It's the kind of pressure that I love. I love being put in those positions and want to show them why I'm here and why I belong here and deserve this opportunity. Getting to be part of the WrestleMania pre-sale party at the Cowboys stadium in Dallas was absolutely amazing. How many people can say they've performed at AT&T Stadium, in the middle of the field, on the 50-yard line? It's an opportunity that I know a lot of my fellow Texans have never had and maybe always wanted. Even more so, I+ got to perform in front of my family, which I haven't done in so long, and perform in front of people who are from the Rio Grande Valley, that was a very special moment. That was probably the best moment I had this year so far."

Raquel Gonzalez also reflected on working a dark match during a recent SmackDown taping in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Mostly, Raquel enjoyed rekindling with names she hasn't seen and relished her first opportunity to make an impact with main roster executives watching her.

"It kind of happened all at once because, unfortunately, that week, after I lost my title, I also lost my uncle. I actually flew home to Texas to be there for my family and I got the call as soon as I landed that they needed me at SmackDown and that was my first opportunity as well showing up to Raw or SmackDown to have that opportunity. People think I've done it before or have been in that position, I have not, it was a first for me. That entire weekend was full of a lot of emotion, but it was mostly happy because I got to see my family and be there for them, hug them, kiss them, and tell them I love them, but I also got to do what I love and that is wrestling in front of fans and doing my passion.

"I got to see a lot of people I haven't worked with in a while like Aliyah. She's up there killing it, doing her thing. I got to see Xia (Li) for a little bit. My friends, Kayla, and, of course, the crew that is always there doing what they do. It was really fun to be on the road with them and see them. It was cold, I was not ready for the cold. That day, I had to rush and go shopping because I really wasn't prepared. It was a lot. I think I got good feedback and I was really excited for the opportunity and I'm looking forward to more."

During the most recent WarGames match, Raquel Gonzalez wound up needing 10 stitches. Learn more here.

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