Raven Discusses The Creation Of Raven's Flock, Details Why He Likes Having Stables

Raven discusses Raven's Flock and his love for stables in wrestling.

Throughout his long career in the wrestling business, Raven was a part of many stables/factions including Raven's Nest, Raven's Flock, Serotonin, Gathering, and the Necro Ward. However, Raven's Flock can be argued as the most popular stable that Raven has ever been involved in, as they were active during one of the heights of WCW.

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In a new interview with Fightful, Raven discussed Raven's Flock and talked about how he originally wanted to do the stable with all new guys that nobody had ever seen before.

"I wanted all new guys. I wanted all the guys that nobody’d ever seen before because I didn’t want a bunch of re-runs. I didn’t want retreads. I didn’t get what I wanted. I did get one—Sick Boy, and he really stood out ‘cause he was talented. Lodi, too.Yeah. Reese I wasn’t so jazzed about because he’d just done the Yeti thing. I liked him because he was a giant. I wasn’t asking for Hammer, but DDP asked me to take him. Hammer’s got a great look to him, but I didn’t guys who were being retreaded. I mean he turned out fine, he worked out great. But I wanted guys like Sick Boy, Lodi. Saturn I wanted because Saturn was my boy. He did work out for the most part. Riggs I loved hanging out with. He was my boy. Riggs can work. But I didn’t want guys like him because, like I said, I didn’t want reruns or retreads. But at least we got to do a way where we initiated him into the Flock and he wasn’t just all of a sudden one day he’s a new guy, you know what I mean? I always thought if they wanted to retread a guy, take him off TV for a year. Pay him to sit home and bring him back completely different. We had Horace Hogan in the Flock. Funny story, Jimmy Hart comes up to me and goes, ‘Hey, Hogan wondered if you’d put his nephew in the Flock.’ I was like, ‘Sure. Anything for Hogan.’ Like, what are you going to say? No one’s going to say no. So then the rib is—me, Jericho and Konnan used to hang out and we would call ourselves the Triumph rant of Useless Information because we were all trivia marks. The funny thing is the running gag became, ‘Hey, did you know Horace Hogan was Hulk’s nephew?’ I’m like, ‘I had no idea!’"

Raven also went into detail about why he likes to work with stables in wrestling, citing that he likes to direct traffic and be a leader.

"I like having a stable. I had the Raven’s Nest in ECW before then. I like having a stable for a couple of reasons. One, gives more room for creativity with finishes and stuff because I have more people to operate with. I like it because then I can work smarter, not harder, and take less bumps, and make people come to finally get me to make it mean something when they finally get a hold of me. They have to go through a gauntlet of freaks and geeks. So I like it for those reasons. Also, I like directing traffic. Like, when we do a run in and DDP’s Diamond Cutting all of them, I love setting up the run ins, playing the mastermind behind, ‘He goes in, and then he feeds him in this way.’ Obviously Page put his own spin on it, too. The Flock had their opinions, too. But I liked being in that role as the flight director. Who’s flying this way? Who’s flying that way?"

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