Reactions, Details On WOS Wrestling Return

On June 28th, WOS took to social media to announce the return of the promotion for two tapings this September in what is a revival of the promotion which last ran in 2019.

Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan asked around about the promotion’s revival and from a talent standpoint, several sources expressed their excitement about another promotion added to the UK scene.

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In asking around about the lack of a TV deal for the new promotion, Brennan also learned that AEW airing on ITV currently is a factor in why the latest iteration of WOS will air on streaming and their social media channels. Several sources believe the initial tapings on September 14 will be used while shopping for future TV rights. Multiple major names in the British scene also expressed their belief that if WOS do secure a TV deal, it could have a domino effect that leads to WWE taking NXT Europe off ice.

In asking around about the usage of WOS rather than its full name of World Of Sport Wrestling, we are told that this is due to trademark reasons.

While asking who is behind the revival, we learned that the project was shopped around to major players in the Brit Wrestling scene, but was turned down. We were also told much of the “old crew” is back for this revival, with the Goldsmith’s, Steve Lynskey and more featuring behind the scenes, while Grado, Sha Samuels and more have already been announced for the opening tapings.

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