Reactions From TNA Talent Meeting Following No Surrender PLE

TNA held a meeting with talent and some of the new bosses within the company, and we've gained some reactions from it.

Fightful was told that the meeting was planned out well ahead of time, and featured some of the bosses within the company both familiar and ones the talent will be answering to now. Some talent had spoken with higher ups individually as well.

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The general feeling was that nobody wanted the roster to abandon the hard work they've done as a group, even if they don't agree with the decision to replace Scott D'Amore. We're told that there was one top name in TNA that was looking to leave the company, and decided to ride it out after the weekend's tapings and seeing how the meeting went.

We're told that the new higher ups were open to feedback from the roster as well. Several wrestlers said that while they didn't agree with the decision, the meeting did a good job getting them excited for the possibilities of TNA moving forward.

As of now, Scott D'Amore is not expected to rejoin the company, although many on the roster are still hoping for it.

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