Ricochet Praises Samantha Irvin, Says She's Trying To Make The Whole Product Better

Ricochet is happy to see Samantha Irvin thriving in WWE.

Irvin, who's the ring announcer for Monday Night Raw, has went viral on a number of occasions in recent months for her unique ring introductions for stars like Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, Giovanni Vinci, and Chelsea Green.

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In a recent interview with Fightful, Ricochet commented on his fiancee's recent success in WWE, praising her the passion that she puts into her craft.

"I mean, it feels great to be able to see her — she's also a creator, she's an artist, she's a character. She's so funny. She loves sounds. She loves music and sounds specifically. Whether that is music or singing or whatever it is, she loves to make the sounds different. Especially with wrestling, there are so many characters. So she just tries to listen to the song the character comes out to and see the energy the character brings. Then, she represents what that character is. So it's cool to see her take some chances, and then, they paid off really [well] because she loves it. She absolutely loves it. She just wants everyone to do better. She wants the company to grow. To see the reception that she's getting from people, I think they can feel the passion. They can feel how much you actually love it. She's not just trying to come out there, make a scene, and get herself over. She's not doing any of that. She's just trying to make the whole thing better. I think people are really seeing that because it really comes like if she was a fan watching. That's how she perceives it. So to have people accept her so well and give her so [many] kind words and stuff, it's awesome."

Fans can see Fightful's full interview with Ricochet linked above.

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