RJ City: "Courteney Cox Made Me The Worst Cappuccino I’ve Ever Had In My Life"

No one told RJ City his cappuccino was gonna be this way.

RJ is perhaps best known for his YouTube channel as well as for appearing on several pieces of WWE programming over the past couple of years, including UpUpDownDown, WWE Watch Along, After Dark, and The Bump. His other claim to fame, arguably, is his friendship with David Arquette.

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RJ shared earlier in the interview that Arquette used to have a ring in his backyard and would open it up for other wrestlers to come to use and practice on.

Speaking with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, RJ explained how Courtney Cox, the Friends star who was once married to David, made him the worst cappuccino of his life. He said the following:

"Speaking of Scream—Courteney Cox made me the worst cappuccino I’ve ever had in my life. Me and David did a show when we were teaming. Then he got put through a table by Bully. I think his back hurt and had to get it adjusted. He’s like, ‘Oh, we have to go by this guy, it’s by Courteney’s.’ So I met her. Again, like on the Zoom call, I immediately started apologizing. She’s like, ‘Do you want a coffee? I make a great cappuccino.’ I don’t drink cappuccinos, but if you’re gonna hang it over my head, ‘I make a great one,’ you know what I mean? So, let’s see how great it is. She’s making it and half way through she goes, ‘Oh, fuck.’ ‘What?’ ‘Oh, this thing. I don’t know how to—‘whatever. It tasted like wet cardboard and she should be embarrassed. She should never tell anyone she even has a coffee machine it was so bad."

RJ continued on saying that Cox apologized for the drink and blamed the results on the coffee machine and is now lording another one over his head.

"She was apologizing immediately. Then of course, I need a good cappuccino. It was horrible. It was a waste of my time. She, months later, blamed the coffee machine. She’s like, ‘I got it fixed now. So, whenever you want.’ So, now I gotta go to her house and have a cappuccino, which I don’t even want," RJ said.

Concluding his story, RJ said that he doesn't even want the coffee and now has grievances with both Courteney and Star Trek: The Next Generation's LeVar Burton.

"I don’t even want the cappuccino anyway. Blaming the coffee machine… So, those are the grievances I have. LeVar Burton, Courteney Cox."

You can follow along with everything RJ City is doing by checking out his YouTube channel, which includes him making coffee in his underwear with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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