RJ City SHOOTS On The Pink Power Ranger For Canceling On His Show

RJ City is a man of many talents, but booking talent might not always be one of them.

When he's not drinking coffee in his underwear on Youtube or wrestling or acting, RJ City is...crafting. Well, when his booked guests actually appear.

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"As you may know, I did have a crafting show, and she declined to come on. So I have heat with Trish Stratus. Also, to my knowledge, Chris Jericho declined! Those are my two biggest people I have heat with and they don't know it. My biggest beef is Amy Jo Johnston, the Pink Ranger. She confirmed, we wrote the script, they built the props and then she canceled. Not a fan of that behavior! It must have been Morphin' Time. I'll tell you who is a really nice guy -- David Yost, the Blue Ranger. He's a very sweet guy," RJ City said. "RJ shoots on the Pink Ranger. That should be the headline. You need the clicks, right?"

Throughout some recent interviews, we've made an effort to get wrestlers to bury RJ City. Among those, were MLW's Alicia Atout and independent standout Danhausen.

"Yeah, but she has her own problems," City said of The Interview Queen, Alicia Atout. "For somebody that doesn't like me, she's not above using me for content. She can't hate me that much! Danhausen, I think he's a wonderful, unique individual. I have questions and I'm worried about his skin. Every time I see him he's wearing makeup. Can't be good for the pores."

Haters gonna hate, I guess.

RJ also claims that the reason that he's yet to sign with a major wrestling promotion is because of a lack of cobb salad being integrated into the contracts.

If you're in to that sort of thing, you can check out our full interview with RJ City at the top of the page. Make sure to subscribe to him on Youtube and check out his Pro Wrestling Tees store.

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