Rocky Romero Praises Intergration Of STARDOM Talent In NJPW STRONG In 2023, Hopes To See It Continue

Rocky Romero speaks on the growth of STARDOM and addresses the difficulties that come with trying to run supershows with desired talents when a promotion like STARDOM has its own schedule, which is very packed.

During a recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Romero praised the integration of women into NJPW shows this year. However, he also says that trying to work with NJPW and STARDOM for American shows can be difficult because of how many shows are booked per year and the difficulty of spreading talent thin.

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Rocky does remain positive that the integration will only grow in 2024 for NJPW STRONG and STARDOM's growth in the United States.

"It’s obviously challenging ‘cause working with New Japan proper in Japan, especially for the US stuff can be difficult because they’re a full-time running promotion," he said. "They’ve added so many more shows this year. It’s obviously difficult to work out schedules and get people that we need for New Japan Strong and then the same thing goes for New Japan STARDOM. They’re a sister promotion and they’re a great partner as well for New Japan, all under the Bushiroad umbrella. So I think that fans don’t quite understand that part. They’re like, ‘Well, why aren’t we getting this? Why aren’t we getting that?’ It’s like, ‘Well, STARDOM runs 100+ shows a year. They’ve got their own storylines, and their own things going on.’

"I do think the integration this year has really shown what we can do for next year," Romero continued. "So having Giulia as Strong Women’s Champion and she’s done such a great job in defending in and I think people have a large interest in seeing what she does and who she defends her title against. So I want to have more STARDOM involvement. We have the New Japan Academy, we’ve got some great female wrestlers that have gone through the Academy and I’d like to see them get over to STARDOM as well. So [I’m] hoping that’s the direction we go for next year. I do think the STARDOM product is awesome. There’s so many good female wrestlers there. Having them come over and do New Japan Strong I think is really cool. Whatever we can do to help STARDOM, especially in the US, and grow their audience, I’m all for it."

Speaking of STARDOM, Rocky Romero says that he is under the impression that Mercedes Mone would like to do more with both NJPW and STARDOM. Read his comments here.

Rocky is also of the belief that Ronda Rousey would be a good fit in this family of promotions. Fans can read his comments on Rousey here.

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