Russo's Raw Blog: "I Consider TJ Perkins A Jobber"

I apologize for holding back how I really feel. Monday Night RAW is just God awful. There is no other way to put it. No way would I be watching this show if I wasn't paid to do so. If the producers/writers/Vince McMahon don't care about the quality of the content---why should I? Just awful.

  • 30 minutes of a re-match between Rusev and Reigns that failed to advance the story WHATSOEVER. The match was literally booked to eat the clock.
  • I don't even remember the order in the way the show flowed tonight because I was too busy flipping to see what else was on. So, I'm just going to go by memory.
  • I've said it a thousand times before, the Unicorns DO NOT NEED the WWE Tag Team Titles. They beat Anderson/Gallows two nights in a row, and it looks like they're now going to Sheamus/Cesaro--that's the story that was laid out any way. Aren't you supposed to "build" rather than go ass-backwards?
  • And how, in Andre's name, do you come to the conclusion of now teaming Sheamus/Cesaro after 7 wars against each other. I don't mind the out-of-the-box thinking, but the set-up needs to be more logical and make sense.
  • Four jobber matches in three hours if you include the Cruiserweight Match. And, yes, I consider TJ Perkins a jobber.
  • I'm sick of Charlotte/Sasha. What happened to this "revolution" everybody was talking about? It's been the same program for months.
  • Charlotte and Rusev are the only two real heels on the roster. They need to bring the "Brain" back so he can put a "Stable" together.
  • Charlotte has become terrific on the mike.
  • I know that it's a work--I think--but, Stephanie dressing down Mick Foley was just disgusting. Brock Lesnar doing it is one thing, but Stephanie? I would have given my precious record collection to see Mr. Socko come flying out of Mick's pocket straight down the Queen Bee's gullet. Stephanie's just hard to watch. Someone needs to explain to her the difference between "good" heat and "bad" heat. Maybe her old man can volunteer.
  • Second biggest highlight of night was Owens correcting Jericho's spelling.
  • Talk about a mean nothing main event. This match was literally booked at the soda machine. No stakes, no thought, no NOTHIN'!!! Keep beating Big Cass and Enzo and soon their mouths won't even be enough to keep them over.
  • Highlight of the night---the show ENDED. Thank God!
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