Russo's Raw Blog: Reviewing Raw Through The Eyes Of A 10-Year Old

Editor's Note: For whatever reason, Vince decided to review this show as a ten-year old. We don't know. 

Raw Jottings

Backstage News, Producers For WWE Raw & Smackdown June 13-17
  • I loved how Chris Jericho refused to wrestle until the person who stole his list gave it back. This was so funny! My 8 year-old brother said, "Why doesn't he just write another list?" What an idiot. I kicked him.
  • Stephanie McMahon is sooooooo pretty, but why does she have to be SO MEAN to all the wrestlers?
  • I love when Enzo/Big Cass fight Anderson and Gallows. Sometimes I get confused as to why they're fighting though. My brother said maybe because Enzo has CRAZY hair and Big Cass has long hair, and Anderson and Gallows have NO HAIR! He may be right. I didn't think of that!
  • I love the shiny uniforms of the New Day. They are SOOOOOOO funny. I'm gonna eat me some BOOTY-Os!!!
  • WOW!!! That arm wrestling match with Bayley was SOOOO COOOOL!!! I never saw arm wrestling in a wrestling ring before. So COOOOOL!!!
  • I didn't know who those Bo and Axel guys were. This kinda bored me. I asked Daddy to take me to the bathroom during this match. I did number 2.
  • I LOVE when Goldust and R-Truth dance! IT'S DA BOMB!!!
  • I wish Mick Foley wouldn't have talked so much when Sasha Banks and Charlotte were in the ring. He made no sense. I like when Sasha calls herself the "Boss" all the time. Don't tell my mom this, but Sasha is SOOOOOOO pretty!
  • I didn't know who that Swann guy, or the other guy were. I went with my dad to get a Coke during this match.
  • I love Sami Zayn, but even I don't think he can beat that big guy.
  • WOW!!! What a unbelievable interview with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Me and my brother laughed SO HARD when Heyman talked about Humpty Dumpty! That was freakin' great!!!
  • Can you believe that Seth Rollins pinned BOTH GUYS AT ONCE!!! That was UNBELIEVABLE!!! My brother almost peed his pants. We didn't like that Kevin Owens beat up Seth Rollins at the end of the show though. SORE LOSER!!!

At the end of the night, one of the nameless, faceless announcers screamed, "I can't believe what we just saw!" Guess what---neither could I.

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